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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/6/15

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

ABC News | Katie Kindelan: CC Sabathia is back home with his family following a stint in rehab for alcohol abuse. In his first interview since the announcement the Yankee left-hander says he had no choice but to leave when he did, even knowing it was a bad time for the team, and that he was aware many fans wouldn't understand.

YES Network | Lou DiPietro: New hitting coach Alan Cockrell wants to see more dimension out of the team's hitting in 2016. The Yankees have been long known for their Bronx Bombers nickname, but Cockrell wants hitters to understand the importance of getting a runner on and getting runners over instead of merely trying for the long ball. | Brendan Kuty: Prince Fielder was announced as the American League's Comeback Player of the Year winner, which is an honor it would be difficult to argue he didn't deserve. However, maybe Alex Rodriguez should have really won the award. After all, coming back the way he did after his relationship with the team deteriorated and a long suspension almost makes his accomplishments feel more impressive.

ESPN | Andrew Marchand: Ben Zobrist was added to the Royals at the trade deadline and proved to be important in their march toward a World Series championship. With second base wide open in New York and Zobrist out on the open market, could it make sense to bring his versatility to pinstripes?