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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/16/15

Yankees getting younger, Murphy trade ripples, and more.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports | Ryan Hatch: After being known as one of the oldest teams in baseball for the last few years, the Yankees could finally be on a path to becoming a younger team. Here are seven players who are under the age of 25 and could have a major impact on the 2016 team.

New York Times | Michael S. Schmidt: The Yankees were one of many teams vying to play an exhibition spring training game in Cuba next year. Ultimately, Commissioner Rob Manfred pulled a ball out of a bin (no, really) that had the name of the Tampa Bay Rays on it instead of the Yankees. Which means that if there's a Major League Baseball team playing a game in Cuba next season, it will be played by the Rays. The game would most likely be against the Cuban national team in Havana, but it all hinges on an agreement between MLB and the Cuban government.

Boston Herald | Scott Lauber: When Brian Cashman traded John Ryan Murphy to the Minnesota Twins for Aaron Hicks, he could have accidentally helped out the rival Boston Red Sox. There have been many comparisons between Aaron Hicks and Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. The trade helps Boston gauge what kind of value someone like Bradley has on the market, and what kind of return they could get back.

New York Post | Mike Vaccaro: Recently many people have complained that the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry has lost its flare; calling it a rivalry more as a formality than anything else. Could yesterday's NFL match-up of Giants vs. Patriots bring life back into the New York/Boston rivalry?