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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 1/4/15

Eric Thayer/Getty Images | Charles Curtis: Was 2014 the worst year ever for New York-area professional sports teams? No, it could have been worse. But it was still pretty bad.

FOX Sports | Ken Rosenthal: The Yankees might not be on the verge of trading for Cole Hamels, but they have stockpiled talent that could net them a nice return if they were tempted by the trade market.

New York Post | Mike Vaccaro: Which New York sports star will be the new Face of New York now that Derek Jeter has retired? Alex Rodriguez, for better or worse, leads the candidates from the Yankees.

Latin Post | Damon Salvadore: James Shields might be a cheaper option for the Yankees if they decide they need pitching but aren't crazy about paying Max Scherzer's price tag.