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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 1/26/15

New commish Manfred saw Mantle hit homers at Yankee Stadium.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

New York Times | Tyler Kepner: So new commish Rob Manfred is a Yankee fan. "I was a big Bobby Murcer fan during the down years." He goes on for a quick Q&A with hot takes on the designated hitter, the international draft and day games in the World Series.

Beyond the Box Score | Bryan Grosnick: If you're a podcast kind of person, Beyond the Box Score spends some time on their podcast with Grantland writer Ben Lindbergh, who talks about how Derek Jeter may have saved the Yankees' bottom line in 2014.

Grantland | Bryan Curtis: An interesting take on the worst question in sports interviews: the one that starts with the phrase "Talk about..."

New York Post | Dan Martin: Alex Rodriguez met last week with Rob Manfred, but he'll have to wait to have a similar meeting with Brian Cashman. See you at spring training!

Associated Press: Former Yankee Ted Lilly is in trouble for insurance fraud. Apparently he took his RV to a body shop to assess some recent damage, then bought insurance, then tried to put in an insurance claim for a little less that $5k. A 15-year career and $80M in career earnings, you'd think he be smart enough to realize that it's not worth the risk.