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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 9/29/14

Al Bello

Sporting News | Jesse Spector: The outstanding 20-year career of Derek Jeter came to a close on Sunday with a brilliant ceremony at Fenway Park that made it sound like Yankee Stadium North. | Barry Bloom: The Captain reacts to his final game and the Boston crowd's roaring ovation.

Deadspin | Timothy Burke: Although Jeter's Fenway ceremony was very nice, the Aretha Franklin impersonator made things extremely weird.

Value Over Replacement Grit | Diane Firstman: The 2014 Yankees tied an unusual record exemplifying their mediocrity, becoming only the third team since the 162-game schedule was established to vary only nine games away from .500 all year. Woo. | Bryan Hoch: Jeter might be retiring, but the Yankees face some tough decisions about whether or not to bring back David Robertson, Brandon McCarthy, and Chase Headley. Oh, and Ichiro Suzuki, I guess.

Sporting News | Jesse Spector: The post-Jeter era for the Yankees looks "post-apocalyptic" to Spector, with questionable payroll flexibility and not many internal solutions to holes at the major league level.

CBS Sports | Dayn Perry: By virtue of their 84-78 record, the Yankees will pick 19th in the 2015 MLB Draft. Check out the rest of the scheduled draft order, which can of course change through free agent signings.

Cespedes Family BBQ | Jake Mintz: With the MLB playoff teams now set, a very sincere and one hundred percent serious take for each of the 10 teams' "Keys to the Playoffs" that TV networks seem to love so much.