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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 9/20/14

Alex Goodlett

Grantland | Ben Lindbergh: Dellin Betances reopens the debate for the use of a "fireman" in the bullpen, but current baseball strategies might make that impossible.

Notgraphs | Carson Cistulli: See what happens when Derek Jeter is inserted into the 20 basic plots of fiction.

It's About the Money | Brad Vietrogoski: Dellin Betances could work his way up the reliever strikeout record book.

Pinstriped Prospects | Jed Weisberger: While change is coming to the Yankees minor league system, Trenton Thunder manager Tony Franklin should stay.

CBS Sports | Jon Heyman: Joe Girardi may have put the Derek Jeter farewell tour ahead of the team.

It's About the Money | Brad Vietrogoski: Derek Jeter's home run on Thursday night was the furthest he's hit this season.

The Cauldron | Joe Flynn: The Yankees, and maybe even the sport of baseball itself, still need Alex Rodriguez, if only to play the villain once again.

Sports Illustrated | Ben Reiter: Even as the end draws near for Derek Jeter, the Yankees captain remains as elusive as ever.

ESPN New York | Wallace Matthews: Despite hitting his first home run at Yankee Stadium this year, Derek Jeter didn't want to make it into a big deal.