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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 7/8/14

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Fangraphs | Eno Sarris: The Yankees acquired Brandon McCarthy because they hope that his home run rates will normalize.

It's About the Money | Susan Lulgjuraj: The real problem with Derek Jeter getting selected to the All-Star Game is that outcome actually matters.

SB Nation | James Dator: Remember that sleeping Yankees fan from back in April? Well he's suing ESPN, the team, and the announcers now.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Some of the most interesting players in the second half will be Masahiro Tanaka, Derek Jeter, and...Alex Rodriguez??

Fox Sports | Ken Rosenthal: Despite criticism, Manny Machado still stands by his friendship with Alex Rodriguez. | Brendan Kuty: Everything you need to know about the newest Yankee callup, Shane Greene.

Times-Tribune | Donnie Collins: The Yankees really need to do something about the Triple-A pitching staff because it is completely falling apart.

It's About the Money | Domenic Lanza: Can Shane Greene improve the Yankees' current rotation?

LoHud | Chad Jennings: Carlos Beltran is now dealing with swelling in his knee, but it isn't too much of a concern just yet.

Fox Sports | Rob Neyer: A look at the AL East in the second half shows that the Yankees have a shot if they add more pieces and Carlos Beltran and Brian McCann improve. | Brendan Kuty: Joe Girardi believes the trade deadline should be moved back to later in the season.