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Around the Empire: New York Yankee News - 11/2/2014

Qualifying offers, top prospect lists, dynasties, Yogi Berra and Aaron Judge

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

NYTimes | Benjamin Hoffman: A run down of players due to receive qualifying offers. Will Nelson Cruz accept this time around? What about Michael Cuddyer? Neither really fits well for the Yankees, but the success of the qualifying offer in suppressing player salaries could have huge ramifications down the road.

LoHud | Chad Jennings: It's easy to get excited by Baseball America's Top 10 Yankee prospects, but it's important to remember how much projection and hope goes into those lists. I'm naturally conservative with my hopes, and I'd rank a solid performance in Double-A and Triple-A over a spectacular performance in A-ball. For instance, I'd put John Ryan Murphy or Rob Refsnyder ahead of a Luis Torrens.

NBC Sports | Joe Posnanski: JoePoz suggests that the modern playoff system means we need to rethink what a baseball dynasty means in the 21st century. And he writes a pretty interesting article about the Giants in the process. I find his argument compelling, but I don't think the playoffs are that different from the Yankees' dynasty, and that was an actual dynasty.

NYPost | Don Burke: A feature article on how the Yogi Berra museum is rebounding from the robbery. | Wiliam Boor: Top prospect Aaron Judge continues to demolish Arizona League pitching.