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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 11/14/2014

Yankees are mystery, Aaron Judge continues to hit, New York shouldn't give Robertson the big payday, and A-Rod should not be happy with his diminishing role

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

New York Post | Joel Sherman: On paper the Yankees should have been at good, run differential says they should have been terrible, yet they won enough games to be just okay. With so much contradiction, who are the real Yankees?

New York Post | Ken Davidoff: Aaron Judge has done a good job during his stint in the Arizona Fall League.

ESPN New York | Wallace Matthews: David Robertson has done a lot of good during his tenure in pinstripes, while some team may be willing to pay him "Papelbon Money", it should not be the Yankees. | Brendan Kuty: With the heavy pursuit of more viable third baseman, the Yankees are gradually trying to lessen A-Rod's role on the team. Rodriguez likely is not going to like it but that is exactly what Cashman wants.