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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 10/20/2014

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The Yankees continue their hitting coach search, a profile on Asdrubal Cabrera, and reflections on both 2012 and Jeter's farewell.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Trade Rumors | Zach Links: Shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera is one of the primary candidates to replace Derek Jeter at shortstop for the Yankees, so check out MLBTR's breakdown of him and the contract projection.

LoHud | Chad Jennings: Just two years after the Yankees' last playoff game, the names from that night look quite different than the group now, though they weren't exactly pretty, either. | Brandon Kuty: Athletics hitting coach and former Yankee Chili Davis will not be joining the Bronx Bombers as their new hitting coach; the Red Sox have hired him.

New York Post | George King III and John DeMarzo: With Davis out of the mix, Dave Magadan might have the inside edge on the hitting coach job. Video: Check out this 15-minute exclusive on the final days of Derek Jeter's career.