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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 10/17/2014

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Judge impresses, Bosch set to plead guilty, Chili Davis will be interviewed, Yankees send a message to the Bengals' Devon Stills.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

New York Daily News | Jaime Uribarri: The Yankees' ticket staff honored Cincinnati Bengals DT Devon Stills and his daughter, who is currently battling stage-four pediatric cancer. Pipeline Perspectives | Jim Callis: In comparing Aaron Judge and Steven Moya of the Tigers with Jonathan Mayo, Callis prefers Judge over Mayo. Even though Moya had a better season, Callis believes Judge to have both a higher ceiling and floor.

CBS Sports  | Jon Heyman: The Oakland Athletics granted permission for the Yankees to interview Chili Davis, and the organization is reportedly interested in Dante Bichette, Marcus Thames, and James Rowson for the open hitting coach position.

Sports Illustrated | SI Wire: After surrendering in August to the authorities, Anthony Bosch is set to plead guilty to selling performance-enhancing drugs to high school students in the Miami area. A judge ordered last week that he be jailed immediately after testing positive twice for cocaine use.