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Around the Empire: New York Yankees News - 12/8/13

Ezra Shaw

Last Time on Pinstripe Alley

  • Will new posting rules cool the Yankees' pursuit of Masahiro Tanaka?
  • Yankees are trying to trade Ichiro Suzuki
  • Yankees sign Carlos Beltran: Was signing him the right move?
  • Yankees sign Jacoby Ellsbury: What should we expect?
  • Yankees sign Carlos Beltran: Reaction from around the internet
  • Yankees have received calls about trading Brett Gardner
  • Yankees lose Robinson Cano: What are they saving the money for?
  • Life after Cano: filling the void left at second base
  • Yankees Sign Carlos Beltran: Another old player for too many years
  • Yankees News

    Coming Up Today

    • Yankees sign Carlos Beltran: How does this affect 2014 outfield? @ 9 am
    • Yankees Hot Stove: What can trading Brett Gardner get them? @ 10 am
    • Yankees lose Robinson Cano: Who should we blame? @ 11 am
    • Yankees sign Carlos Beltran: What does this mean for Ichiro and Wells? @ 1 pm
    • A comprehensive and authoritative history of Robinson Cano in 24 GIFs @ 3 pm