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MLB Draft 2015: How to watch the draft

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The MLB draft starts on Monday, June 8, here's how and where you can watch it.

For the first time since 1997, this man won't be officiating the MLB draft. You should still watch, though.
For the first time since 1997, this man won't be officiating the MLB draft. You should still watch, though.
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Up until just a few years ago, this post probably wouldn't have existed. The MLB Draft used to never be televised, this is probably because people probably hadn't heard of 90% of the players in the pool. This is not at all a knock on the level of skill possessed by potential draftees. It's just that the pool of talent is so big–being that both college and high school players are available–the first pick could be a guy that just led his team to a college world series championship, or some 17-year old kid from a rinky-dink high school in some podunk town. Also, the failure rate for MLB draft picks in particular is so high, that it's hard for casual fans to get geared up to watch it. If nobody's watching, no one's gonna televise it.

With the advent of the MLB Network, the draft now not only has a natural broadcast home, but the financial backing to be presented as more of a big spectacle–with detailed analysis, video and statistical support resources to boot. I can honestly say that I never cared about the draft until MLB started airing it. I watched in 2013, when the Yankees took Eric Jagielo, Ian Clarkin and Aaron Judge because I had nothing to do and it was on, and I had a blast. I think MLB does an awesome job with the presentation, and you all should watch at least the first couple of rounds. It's fun, plus you can start the prospect dreaming even before they play their first game in the organization.

Before I lose your interest, here are the actual details for watching the draft:

Monday, June 8 at 7pm - Watch the first round, and supplemental first rounds (live coverage starts at 6pm) on MLB Network

Tuesday, June 9 at 1pm - Watch rounds 3-10 on

Wednesday, June 10 at 12pm - Watch rounds 11-41 on

Enjoy! Let's hope the Yankees pick some winners!