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MLB Draft 2014: Yankees 2014 draft pick results tracker and social media guide

Keeping track of all the newest Yankees from the 2014 draft class.

Rich Schultz

Inspired by Tanya's draft pick tracker from last year and the similarly superb draft pick tracker designed over at Amazin' Avenue by Eric Simon on Sunday, the Yankees draft pick tracker is back. Below, you'll find a handy list of all 39 players selected by the Yankees over the weekend during the 2014 MLB Draft. If you click on each player, it will take you the appropriate write-up for each player (or write-up group, in the case of all draft picks past the 10th round) diligently composed over the weekend by Tanya or Jason. I've also worked to find as many of the draftees on Twitter so that you can follow them at your leisure.

Signing bonuses will be listed under "Status" if they are made available, as well their assignments (with sourced links). As Tanya noted last year, all picks after the 10th round have the same expected slot money of $100,000, though players can sign for more or less than that. The Yankees have $3,202,300 of slot money to use. We will update this post as the draftees and the Yankees make their decisions.

Round Player School DOB Twitter Status Assignment
2 (55) LHP Jacob Lindgren Mississippi State (Jr.) 3/12/93 @JLindgren19 $1,018,700 Charleston (Low-A)
3 (91) RHP Austin DeCarr Salisbury School (CT) (HS) 3/14/95 @RiDeCarr7 $1,000,000 GCL (Rk)
4 (122) LHP Jordan Montgomery South Carolina (Jr.) 12/27/92 @Gumbynation34 $424,000 GCL (Rk)
5 (152) RHP Jordan Foley Central Michigan (Jr.) 7/12/93 @JFol12 $317,500 Staten Island (SS-A)
6 (182) RHP Jonathan Holder Mississippi State (Jr.) 6/9/93 @Jholder14 $170,000 Staten Island (SS-A)
7 (212) CF Mark Payton Texas (Sr.) 12/7/91 @MarkPayton2 $45,000 Charleston (Low-A)
8 (242) 1B Connor Spencer California - Irvine (Jr.) 1/22/93 N/A $157,000 Staten Island (SS-A)
9 (272) SS Vince Conde Vanderbilt (TN) (Jr.) 10/13/93 @vince_VU3 $155,000 Staten Island (SS-A)
10 (302) 2B Ty McFarland James Madison University (VA) (Sr.) 10/13/91 N/A $10,000 Staten Island (SS-A)
11 (332) RHP Matthew Borens Eastern Illinois (Jr.) 2/10/93 @matteiu28 Signed Staten Island (SS-A)
12 (362) 1B Chris Gittens Grayson County College (TX) (J2) 2/9/94 @cgittensome $125,000 GCL (Rk)
13 (392) 1B Bo Thompson The Citadel (SC) (Jr.) 7/20/92 @bobothompson $60,000 GCL (Rk)
14 (422) RHP Sean Carley West Virginia (Sr.) 12/28/90 @SeanCarley23 Signed GCL (Rk)
15 (452) LHP Andrew Chin Boston College (Jr.) 9/22/92 @andrewchin8 Signed TBD
16 (482) LHP Derek Callahan Gonzaga (WA) (Jr.) 12/29/92 @Derek_Callahan Signed GCL (Rk)
17 (512) RHP Garrett Cave South Sumter HS (FL) 7/18/96 @G_Cave19 Did Not Sign --
18 (542) LHP Justin Kamplain Alabama (Jr.) 2/13/93 N/A Signed Staten Island (SS-A)
19 (572) RHP Joe Harvey Pittsburgh (Sr.) 1/9/92 @44panther $60,000 Staten Island (SS-A)
20 (602) RHP Corey Holmes Concordia (TX) (Sr.) 9/3/91 @Fastball_14 Signed GCL (Rk)
21 (632) LHP Porter Clayton Oregon (So.) 5/22/93 N/A Did Not Sign --
22 (662) RHP Jake Kelzer Indiana (So.) 6/30/93 @WakeN_Jake Did Not Sign --
23 (692) 3B Will Toffey Salisbury School (CT) (HS) 12/31/94 @willtoffey Did Not Sign --
24 (722) CF Dominic Jose Stanford (Jr.) 3/16/93 N/A Signed GCL (Rk)
25 (752) RHP Dylan Barrow Tampa (Jr.) 7/29/93 N/A Did Not Sign --
26 (782) C Collin Slaybaugh Washington State (Sr.) 4/3/92 N/A Signed Staten Island (SS-A)
27 (812) OF Griff Gordon Jacksonville State (AL) (Sr.) 2/15/92 @GGordon11 Signed GCL (Rk)
28 (842) RHP Lee Casas USC (Sr.) 12/17/91 N/A Signed GCL (Rk)
29 (872) RHP Mariano Rivera Iona (NY) (Jr.) 10/4/93 @marianojr4 Did Not Sign --
30 (902) RHP Jorge Perez Grand Canyon University (Jr.) 7/10/93 N/A Did Not Sign --
31 (932) CF Devyn Bolasky California - Riverside (Jr.) 1/24/93 N/A Signed Staten Island (SS-A)
32 (962) RHP Jordan Ramsey UNC - Wilmington (Jr.) 9/6/92 @JRamsey_11 Did Not Sign
33 (992) RHP David Graybill Arizona State (So.) 5/3/93 @DavidGraybill24 Did Not Sign --
34 (1,022) RHP Matt Wotherspoon Pittsburgh (Sr.) 10/6/91 @mspoon11 Signed Staten Island (SS-A)
35 (1,052) C Christopher Hudgins Valhalla HS (CA) 3/2/96 @huggie619 Did Not Sign --
36 (1,082) RHP Will Gaddis Brentwood HS (TN) 3/12/96 @w_gad25 Did Not Sign --
37 (1,112) 1B Ryan Lindemuth William and Mary (VA) (Sr.) 4/15/91 @rlindy05 Signed GCL (Rk)
38 (1,142) RHP Andre Del Bosque Houston - Victoria (TX) (Sr.) 3/14/91 @adelb811 Signed GCL (Rk)
39 (1,172) 1B Cameron Warren Carl Albert HS (OK) 6/15/95 @Cam_Warren24 Did Not Sign --
40 (1,202) SS Madison Stokes A.C. Flora HS (SC) 4/25/96 @madisonstokes1 Did Not Sign --

Post-Draft Updates

6/10: Patrick Ebert of Perfect Game reports that Montgomery has signed and will play at Staten Island.

6/10: The New England Baseball Journal reports that DeCarr will sign for twice the standard 3rd round slot value of $575,000. Not a bad chunk of change for the prep righty, who might be the real prize of this Yankees draft class.

6/10: Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish reports that Harvey will sign for $60,000.

6/11: Josh Norris of Baseball America reports that McFarland, Borens, Thompson, Harvey, Slaybaugh, Gordon, Wotherspoon, Lindemuth, and Del Bosque have signed.

6/12: Cotillo reports that Foley has signed for slot value at $317,500.

6/13: The Staten Island Yankees released their roster today, and among the names there are Wotherspoon, Slaybaugh, McFarland, Thompson, and Bolasky.

6/14: Chad Jennings of LoHud reports that Lindgren, DeCarr, Foley, Holder, Callahan, Holmes, and Casas have all signed. George King of the New York Post added that Lindgren's bonus will be the slot amount of ~$1.1 million.

6/17: Jim Callis at reports that Montgomery has signed for slot value, $424,000.

6/18:'s first 10 rounds signing tracker reported the actual signing figures of Lindgren ($1,018,700), Holder ($170,000), and McFarland ($10,000).

6/19: The University of Alabama's Athletics program is reporting that Kamplain has signed with the Yankees and will report to Staten Island.

6/19: The Yankees' transaction tracker has both Jose and Gittens signed (in addition to others).

6/21: The GCL rosters were posted and among the players there are DeCarr, Carley, Harvey, Foley, Holder, Jose, Gittens, Callahan, Borens, Casas, Holmes, Lindemuth, and Del Bosque. Lindgren is also there for now, but since management has already established that Charleston is where he'll start, it's safe to assume that he's just warming up on the GCL roster. (Same goes for Borens & Montgomery and Staten Island.)

6/24: Per Cotillo, the Yankees have signed Payton for $45,000, a good $133.3K under slot. That might help with signing some of those prep kids. Additionally, Callis reports that the Yankees signed Gittens for $125K, so $25K of the $133.3K saved on Payton goes against the pool. Callis also noted that Spencer signed for slot value ($157K).

6/26: The Staten Island Yankees have announced that Spencer, Foley, and Harvey have been added to their roster.

6/30: Jordan Ramsey has opted to return to UNCW for his Senior year and will not sign with the Yankees.

7/14: Made some updates to the tracker based on roster spot assignment adjustments, but the biggest move was signing Vandy shortstop Vince Conde to slot value. July 18th is the cut-off date for draft signings, so we'll just have to wait and see if any of the other names sign. At this point, the likes of Chin, Cave, Toffey, Rivera, and Warren seem unlikely since there have been murmurs on Twitter that they're already doing summer travel leagues, prepping for collegiate baseball, etc.

7/18: The Yankees' 15th round pick Andrew Chin signed.