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MLB Draft 2014: Day Two Open Thread

The Yankees selected left-handed reliever Jacob Lindgren out of Mississippi State with their first and only pick in Day One of the draft. Today, they'll have quite a few more chances to bring in new talent to infuse the lower levels of the minor league system with. The Pinstripe Alley staff will have coverage of each of the Yankees' picks today, so stay tuned through out the day to find out which players the Yankees selected.

Rounds 3-10 will take place today, and you can follow along on and right here for all the Yankees picks. The first pick of the day for New York will come at #91. Round Three will begin at 1:00 pm EDT. The Yankees don't play until 8:00 pm tonight, so you have plenty of time to hang out with us this afternoon!

Here are some posts to check out while you wait for the Yankees to make their first selection today: