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MLB Draft 2014: Yankees select LHP Jacob Lindgren 55th overall

Yankees pick up #50 on Baseball America's draft list with their first pick in the MLB Draft.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With their first selection in the 2014 MLB Draft, the Yankees selected left-handed reliever Jacob Lindgren out of Mississippi State. He was ranked #50 on Baseball America's draft list and #68 by Minor League Ball. had Lindgren at #51 on their draft list. His best pitch is a wipeout slider that comes in at 82-84 mph. His fastball sits between 91 and 95 mph after a move from the rotation to the bullpen for the Bulldogs.

Lindgren is a 21-year-old that saw his stock rise after a move to Mississippi State's bullpen this season. As a college reliever, Lindgren has the ability to move quickly through the Yankees system. MLB Network announcers mentioned that he could very well end up as the first player from this draft to see time in the big leagues. It is possible that the Yankees feel as though they could move Lindgren back to the rotation where he pitched before this season. That might be enough for them to select a guy who has been pitching as a reliever with their first pick of the draft. Still, the Yankees have had a lot of success with college relievers like David Robertson and Mark Montgomery that have been able to fly through the minor leagues. It's possible that there is appeal in that they seen Lindgren as a player who can help them more immediately.

We will have more on Lindgren very soon, as well as write ups on all players that the Yankees select tomorrow and Saturday. What do you think of the Yankees' first selection in the draft?