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Third round results for the Pinstripe Alley Top Moments Tournament

Only three matchups remain. Which should be the top moment in Yankees history?

"back again, Bucky" "yessirree, Booney"
"back again, Bucky" "yessirree, Booney"
Al Bello

The third round of the Pinstripe Alley Top Moments Tournament is now complete. Here are the results for the eight matchups.


(1) Gehrig's "Luckiest Man" speech: 61%
(2) Larsen's perfecto: 39%


(3) Bucky F'in Dent: 55%
(4) Reggie homers thrice in '77 World Series Game 6: 45%


(3) Leyritz homer ties '96 World Series Game 6: 64%
(1) Cone's perfecto: 36%


(1) Aaron Boone: 85%
(2) Late-game '01 World Series heroics: 15%



(1a) Gehrig's "Luckiest Man" speech vs. (3b) Bucky F'in Dent


(3c) Leyritz homer ties '96 World Series Game 4 vs. (1d) Aaron Boone

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So the semifinals are set with the Luckiest Man speech taking on the Bucky Dent game and Jim Leyritz's pivotal '96 series homer against Aaron Bleepin' Boone. We'll be back next week with both these matchups and the final on Wednesday.

Thanks for your participation throughout this tournament. It wouldn't be possible without it. Keep up the great work!