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Yankees History

Yankees History: Fun with WPA

How much damage can a batter or pitcher inflict in one plate appearance?

Hispanic Yankee Greats of Days Past: Luis Arroyo

Arroyo was the lead bullpen arm for the 1961 World Series champion Yankees.

New York’s two cultural pillars: Yankees and Broadway

As Broadway returns to the stage this week, we look at the historical relationship between the Yankees and the theatre.

Looking back at the weirdest moments of Subway Series past

Because life as a Yankee fan is tough right now, let’s look to the past for some more... interesting moments.

Yankee History: The longest scoreless Yankee pitching career

After Luis Gil went 19 innings without allowing a run, let’s see what Yankees had the longest scoreless careers in the Bronx.

The worst pitchers in recent Yankees history

What became of those pitchers that we dreaded to see enter the game for the Yankees?

This Yankees team has been even streakier than one might realize

The extent to which the 2021 Yankees have run hot and cold is very rare.

Yankees History: Remembering the “All-Hitters”

Let’s take a look at the times the Yankees have been involved in the opposite of a no-hitter.

The best months in Yankees history

Where does August 2021 stack up among the best months in franchise history?

Sad Sam Jones: The story behind the other Yankees No-Hitter of September 4th

Jim Abbott’s no-hitter was not the only Yankees no-no to take place on the fourth of September.

Ranking the five most unlikely Yankee killers since 2017

The Yankees have occasionally been beaten by players who are not particularly known for their offense.

Yankees history: Can someone help Lou Gehrig?

In on game in 1935, the Yankees simply could not bring home The Iron Horse.

Looking back on the longest winning streaks in Yankees history

It’s been quite some time since the Yankees last went on a run like this one.

Yankees History: The best “counterpunch” wins

The Yankees have occasionally been punched in the face as they were about to win, but then somehow managed to win anyway. Here are some of those stories.

Three Yankee teams that overcame slow starts and found their way

Most Yankee teams have high expectations - can the 2021 group replicate the turnaround of these Yankee teams?

Yankee History: Double plays and seven very unfortunate performances

On seven occasions, a Yankee has accomplished the ignominious feat of grounding into a double play three times in one game.

The three most unheralded switch-hitters in Yankees’ history

The Yankees have had some monster switch-hitters, but these three also had big impacts on World Series-winning teams.

The Yankees’ 2021 offense is in ignominious company

Simply scoring runs has been a clear problem for the Yankees, but it’s worse than you may have realized.

The best first impressions in Yankees history

Let’s look back at some Yankees who made immediate impacts after getting traded to the team mid-season.

Revisiting an unintentionally funny moment in Yankees’ history

Non-traditional decision making was a forte of Billy Martin - but this was particularly odd.

The history of Yankees playing in the Olympic baseball tournament

Several former or future Yankees have represented their country on the Olympic stage over the years.

Jack Chesbro and the longest complete game streak in Yankees’ history

After Gerrit Cole threw two-straight complete games, let’s look back at a run that puts that one to shame.

Yankees History: The most remarkable comeback in franchise history

It may not have been the biggest rally in terms of runs, but you’d be hard-pressed to find any more impressive than one the Yankees pulled off in 1926.

The 1977 MLB All-Star Game: A young fan’s view

A personal retrospective of an All-Star Game that featured 19 future Hall of Famers.

An All-Star Team of Yankees All-Star performers

Let’s look back at some of the best ever performances by Yankees in the Midsummer Classic.

Elston Howard is the most overlooked Yankees catcher of all-time

Elston Howard is best known for being the first African-American Yankee, but his greatness on the field is sometimes forgotten.

The New York Yankees and the Fourth of July

The Bronx Bombers have done their part to contribute memorable moments on the nation’s birthday.

Yankees history: The best hitting performances from Yankees pitchers

After Ohtani had quite the week in the Bronx, let’s look at some hitting feats pulled off by Yankees’ pitchers.

The Land of Lost Homers: The old Yankee Stadium hampered power more than its reputation

Of the greatest Yankees, who among them watched the most would-be homers die in the original Yankee Stadium’s so-called "graveyard."

Looking back at some other weird endings to Yankees’ games

After the recent game-ending triple play, let’s look back at some other times Yankees’ games ended on rare and random plays.

The five best players in the history of the New York Black Yankees

With a more comprehensive look at Negro League stats available, let’s look at some of the greats who played for the team who shared a name and a stadium with the Yankees.

These Yankees pitchers from the past decade narrowly missed All-Star berths

Sometimes, you can deal in the first half and miss out on an All-Star berth regardless.


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