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Yankees History

25 Smartest Moves of the Past 25 Years: Mariano Rivera extended

With free agency looming, the Yankees locked up the greatest closer of all-time (for the first time) for four more years.

How did the Yankees’ 2012 farm system turn out?

Revisiting the good, the bad, and the underdogs of a Yankees top-15 prospects list from a decade ago.

25 Smartest Moves of the Past 25 Years: Derek Jeter extended

Sometimes, the right move is to stand pat.

25 Smartest Moves of the Past 25 Years: Mike Mussina signed

While never considered the ace of the staff, Mike Mussina was the Yankees’ best pitcher during his tenure in the Bronx.

The Yankees Champions Series: 2009

Godzilla’s big finale in New York concludes our champions series.

25 Smartest Moves of the Past 25 Years: The David Justice trade

Needing to add some pop to their lineup in 2000, the Yankees made a perfect move.

Yankees Champions Series: 2000

Not even a long late-season losing streak could derail the Yankees from a fourth championship in five years.

The Yankees “Dream Team” lineup, part one

The best single-season performances by Yankees at each position offer up the best possible Yankees team ever.

25 Smartest Moves of the Past 25 Years: El Duque signed

El Duque entered a pressure packed environment and he responded with consistently great performances in huge games.

The Yankees’ 25 Smartest Moves of the Past 25 Years

The lockout has frozen the transaction wire, but that won’t stop us from recalling some great Yankees moves of yore.

Forming the oldest Yankees lineup

Let’s have some fun and break down each position’s oldest ever Yankee.

Home Run Baker helped usher Yankees into first era of excellence

Our all-time complementary third baseman declined a bit as a Yankee, but was still a really good hitter.

Jesús Montero for Michael Pineda: A look back, 10 years later

Ten years ago, the Yankees dealt a stud prospect for one of baseball’s best young arms.

The best Yankees to never win a championship

As we wrap up our Champions Series, let’s take a look at the names who never got a chance to win a World Series with the Yankees.

The Yankees Champions Series: 1999

After a sluggish start and some serious off the field obstacles, the 1999 Yankees finished the season in dominating fashion.

Willie Randolph joins our underrated Yankees squad

Willie Randolph is the only choice at the keystone for out team of complementary greats.

The five richest contract extensions ever given by the Yankees

For a time, extensions weren’t common for the Yankees, but they did issue some pretty large ones.

The Yankees Champions Series: 1998

The 1998 Yankees are in rarified air in baseball history.

The Yankees Champions Series: 1996

After an 18-year drought, one of the greatest modern dynasties in all of professional sports emerged.

The Yankees Champions Series: 1978

1978 saw the worst of the Bronx Zoo off the field, but the best of it on the field.

Oscar Gamble was an underrated great Yankee slugger

One of the first designated hitters in Yankee history gets the nod here.

The Yankees Champions Series: 1977

Led by the rise of Mr. October and some non-traditional managing, the 1977 Yankees returned the franchise to its winning ways.

The “worst” Yankees’ teams in history

As we profile the Yankees’ championship teams, let’s peek at the other end of the spectrum.

Bill Skowron joins the all-time team of complementary greats

In a rich history of first basemen, "Moose" can’t be overlooked.

The legacy of the underappreciated Al Downing

Al Downing’s career in pinstripes may be underappreciated, but it’s also a reminder of an ongoing issue in MLB.

Bob Turley, one remarkable season, and the glamorization and pitfalls of overuse

Bob Turley’s career should be seen as a warning of the damage overuse can do to a pitcher’s arm.

The Yankees Champions Series: 1962

As it turned out, the Yankees’ 1962 championship would be the beginning of an end of an era.

The all-time best seasons by young Yankees

Mantle and Munson highlight the best all-time seasons by Yankees prospects.

The Yankees Champions Series: 1961

The M&M Boys chased history as the 1961 Yankees put up one of the best seasons in franchise history.

Andy Pettitte deserves more Hall of Fame consideration

The old lefty is no slam dunk Cooperstown candidate, but in a more just world, he would poll higher.

It’s long past time that the Yankees dedicate a monument to Yogi Berra

Should the Yankees erect another monument, their legendary catcher stands atop the list of candidates.

The Yankees Champions Series: 1958

Led by Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford, the Yankees won their fourth straight pennant. The World Series was anything but easy.


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