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Yankees GIFs

Remembering Robinson Cano: A history in 24 GIFs

We remember Robinson Cano in one giant GIF bomb.

What to expect when expecting Jacoby Ellsbury

Madness ensues as team president Randy Levine loads contracts into a pitching machine and fires them down onto humanity from his private jet, injuring seven but signing two.

What to expect when you’re expecting Brian McCann

Hank Steinbrenner just birthed the first big boom bang contract of the Yankees' offseason. So what do they have to look forward to from their sparkly new catcher?

Yankees GIFs: Moments from the 2009 WS, Game 1

The GIFs don't stop in the offseason! Our trek backwards into reverse time continues. See here, the last time this team won anything.

Yankees GIFs: A verdict on Alex Rodriguez

With the meaty bit of Alex Rodriguez's arbitration hearing ahead of us, I ask the question that nobody else has been foolish enough to ask: why not just render a verdict by looking at some GIFs?

Yankees GIFs: How not to perfect game

Perfect games are great and all but, come on, they're so hard to do! Too unattainable, I say. Stick to what you know and don't dream too much. Remember: screwing up in the field is much, much easier.

Career in GIFs: Bidding farewell to Andy Pettitte

We'll never see #46 take the Yankee Stadium mound again as an active player. So long, farewell, and auf Wiedersehen.

Appreciating iconic moments of the 27 titles (3/3)

Baseball sucks right now, so let's look back on the good times.

Yankees GIFs: David Cone's perfect game

Sure, there's no baseball going on right now—but we have a bevy of classic games we can enshrine in GIF form! We begin our time travel with this showing of absolute dominance from one David Cone.

Yankee legends react to the 2013 Yankees

Oh how they would be displeased with their descendants...

Appreciating iconic moments of the 27 titles (2/3)

Baseball sucks right now, so let's look back on the good times.

Yankees GIFs: All A-Rod, All the time

As the embattled third baseman enters Arbitration Station, we investigate his on-field conduct in a series of GIFs.

The 42 best GIFs of number 42, Mariano Rivera

There will never be another player quite like Mo in team history. Here's to the good times and amazing memories of Mo.

Yankees GIFs: Anger and despair edition

The season may be over, but GIFs never die. Get all cheered up with these displays of incompetence and insanity. We feature insanely bad fielding, insanely good fielding, the sensational fat dancing Royals fan and, of course, one Alex Rodriguez.

Chris Stewart's season: A journey in GIFs

If at first you don't succeed, fail some more and don't drink water.

Yankees GIFs: Searching for a playoff hero edition

Every playoff run needs a good hero. Who will our hero be? Our crack team of GIF scientists offer you a variety of options: is it Alfonso Soriano? Chris Stewart? Or can it -- would it -- should it be... Alex Rodriguez?

GIFs of the Week: A pose, acid bath, and sadness

Matthew cooked up some pretty spectacular GIFs this week, so who will win the tight competition?

Yankees GIFs: Player reactions edition

Playoff races can be tense times for the mind, body and soul. How are the players on the field feeling? Our crack team of GIF animators investigates. Within we find that Mo is appalled, Andy Pettitte jump-claps, and Brett Gardner knows Gatorade.

Swing and a GIF: Matrix fielding, Girardi's binder

If you're looking for out-and-out dysfunction, you've come to the right place. Within we find grown men fighting each other, fielding disasters, sheer unadulterated confusion, and judgmental Paul Simon.

GIFs of the Week: Framing, Mo bored, Girardi laugh

There are some pretty tremendous candidates for Yankees GIF of the Week thanks to new GIFing recruit Matthew Floratos. Check 'em out.

Week in GIFs: Nova twerking; A-Rod misbehaving

Given the weight of the evidence, how is it possible that man is capable of playing ball? Within we find one athlete twerking while others struggle defensively. Meanwhile, a manager laughs off good advice and A-Rod continues his wrongdoings.

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Communiqué from the High Embassy of Planet GIF

GIFS of the Week: Revenge, shock, and magic

There are some very worthy contenders in this week's GIFs of the Week, with emotions ranging from revenge to shock.

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Sending a Space Probe to the World of GIF

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Spectacular Tour Through the World of GIF

GIFs of the Week: D-Rob, A-Rod, and The Angelols

A-Rod and walk-off HR helmets: A bizarre history

The one question reporters need to be asking A-Rod isn't anything related to Biogenesis, the fans, or even what he happened to munch on at Qdoba yesterday: "What is your deal with helmets?"

GIFs of the Week: Nova, Nix, and fan irritation

GIFs of the Week: A shower, #HIROK, Lol Angelols

GIFs of the Week: Pumpin', stumblin', and bumblin'

Tracking Cano's milestone homers

As the superb second baseman approaches his 200th career homer, take a look back at other round number homers during his nine years in New York.

GIF of the Game: Stewart is pumped

F yeah.