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Yankees GIFs

Remembering Mark Teixeira’s goofiest moments with the Yankees

Taking a look at some of Tex’s goofier moments with the team over the past few years.

A history of Yankees craziness in 20 GIFs

Last week we gave you twenty classic reaction GIFs. Now here are twenty GIFs of utterly bizarre happenings in the world of Yankees baseball.

Revisiting 20 useful Yankees reaction GIFs

Straight from the nebulous time period known as "back in the day," here are twenty Yankees-themed GIFs we produced which you can deploy on the internet right now.

Yankees GIFs: When D-Rob became Houdini

D-Rob might be a well-known closer now, but Yankees fans remember when he burst onto the scene in the playoffs five years ago. Ah, memories.

Yankees nominees for the SB Nation Moments Tourney

Which GIFs did Pinstripe Alley members vote to take on GIFs from other team blogs?

Help us choose NYY's best pitching appearance

The SB Nation MLB Awards tournament continues. Today, you select which Yankee had the best pitching performance of the season.

Help us choose the most important hits of 2014

Five GIFs that represent the most important hits of the 2014 Yankees season

Help us choose the best defensive play of 2014

Leaps, diving stops, last-second saves, and even a triple play--the Yankees offered plenty of highlights on defense, so which was best?

Help us choose the most regrettable moments of the season

Five GIFs that embody the most regrettable moments of the 2014 Yankees season

Help us choose the funniest Yankees moment of 2014

Which Yankees moment this year made you laugh the most? (No, futility does not count.)

Introducing the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards

Vote on your favorite GIFs from the 2014 season. The winners will move on to compete against GIFs from other sites.

The Top 10 most iconic Derek Jeter GIFs

The day has finally come for Jeter to depart Yankee Stadium for the last time. Man.

21 GIFs to remember #21 for Paul O'Neill Day

"The Warrior" was one of the most iconic Yankees of the late-'90s dynasty.

Yankees GIFs: Rain delay theater

Yesterday's shortened game had the most entertaining rain delay in recent memory.

Anatomy of an At-Bat: Ellsbury vs. Chapman

Breaking: Hitting an Aroldis Chapman fastball is hard.

A GIF-filled farewell to Alfonso Soriano

If this is the end, then it's been a fun ride, Sori.

Yankees GIFs: The Flip Game

The Captain returns to Oakland in his farewell season for the first time. It was the site of one of his most memorable moments, but what other funky plays occurred in that 1-0 game?

Looking back at great Yankees swings of yore

It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing.

Yankees GIFs: David Wells's perfect game

It was an exciting day on that May afternoon 16 years ago, but it was also kind of bizarre.

Famous Yankees pitcher GIFs of past and present

Some of the young guns will hope to have their best pitches join the pantheon of greats that have preceded them over the years.

Eduardo Nunez GIF appreciation post

Saying farewell through Nunez's most memorable GIFs.

Mark Montgomery displays intimidation factor

Mark Montgomery blows steam from his nostrils. Wait, that's not steam. Ewwwww

Tex and juice: A love story through GIFs

Everyone's favorite bizarre juice fanatic took a YES reporter into his juicing lair. The world may never be the same.

Yankees GIFs: 2009 World Series, Game 2

Remember those two or three postseason games in which A.J. Burnett went out there and threw grenades? This was one of them. Good times.

Yankees GIFs: Who is Joe Tacopina?

Our GIF correspondents risk life and limb to investigate A-Rod's mysterious—read: amazing—attorney.

Alex Rodriguez: The awkward friend

Alex Rodriguez is that awkwardly annoying guy in your group of friends

Yankees GIFs: Longest HRs at old Yankee Stadium

No homer ever flew out of the old place, but some drives came pretty darn close.

Yankees GIFs: Important people behaving strangely

Why does team president Randy Levine do the things he does? Why does Alex Rodriguez do the things he does? Our team of GIF scientists investigates.

The 10 best Yankees GIFs of 2013

There was a lot of bad, but there were still several moments to smile about in 2013.

The 10 worst Yankees GIFs of 2013

The 10 most forgettable moments of a season to forget.

Yankees GIFs: Knuckleballin' Wade

In a gift that truly captures the holiday spirit, MLBAM uploaded a video of Wade Boggs knuckling through an inning for the Yankees in 1997. Relive the majesty.

Yankees GIFs: Looking forward to Carlos Beltran

We survey the career of recent Yankees hired gun Carlos Beltran through a series of GIFs. See him slide, jump, throw, laugh, and be offended by Craig Sager's face.


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