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Yankees vs. Red Sox preview: We meet again so soon

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like the Yankees just played the Red Sox. Sorry, I forgot for a second that this is baseball and that's what happens. Michael Pineda was going to start this game before Masahiro Tanaka needed to be placed on the disabled list with wrist tendinitis and a forearm strain. Tonight's start, instead, goes to CC Sabathia. The big left-hander has been a tale of two pitchers so far this season. He's looked really good in starts like the one he had against the Tigers, and really awful like he did in his last start against the Mets. Which CC will we get tonight in a park that will make him pay if he's not on his game? He's still looking for his first win of the season.

Justin Masterson, miraculously, has an ERA north of five and is undefeated. Win stat forever! He gave up three runs in his last start against the Orioles in Baltimore. Aside from the Orioles, he's only faced two teams that have been really terrible in 2015 so far in the Nationals and the Phillies. Hopefully the Yankees, who are decidedly not terrible right now, can even things out a bit. The offense has been clicking pretty well lately aside from Wednesday's extra innings failure against the Rays.

Alex Rodriguez is still chasing Willie Mays on the All-Time list, but he's not in tonight's lineup. Boston has already said they won't acknowledge the achievement if A-Rod ties or surpasses Mays while at Fenway, but Rodriguez is having one of his classic pre-milestone slumps right now. Most of us would love nothing more than for him to pass Mays in front of the Fenway crowd that will boo him mercilessly, but he'll need to snap his skid later this weekend to get there.

Carlos Beltran is batting fifth because reasons.


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