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Yankees vs. Mets: Fight for the city

The Yankees host the Mets for the rubber match in their three game series. Nathan Eovaldi will face Jon Niese, starting at 8 pm on ESPN.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

After splitting the first two games of the series, the Yankees look to earn a series win against the crosstown rival Mets. Starting for the Yankees is Nathan Eovaldi, the fireballing righty whose effectiveness seems to be almost entirely dependent on whether his slider is working. In seven career starts against the Mets, he is 1-3 with a 4.62 ERA. But he is also coming off a solid start against the offensively loaded Tigers, where he held the likes of Yoenis Cespedes, Victor Martinez, and Miguel Cabrera to just one run over seven innings.

In addition to building on adjustments made to his delivery against Detroit, he will also need to make an extra effort to change hitters' eye levels throughout the game. This heatmap of his fastball usage in 2014 suggests that he really likes keeping his fastball around a hitter's waist level:


The Mets counter with Jon Niese, a lefty who likes to keep the ball on the ground. Niese won't light up any radar guns, but he will mix it up. Last season, he did not throw any of his pitches more than 28% of the time. In four starts against the Yankees, he has a 2.05 ERA. Unfortunately for Niese, the red-hot Mark Teixeira has a .375 lifetime batting average against him. There have already been three Tex Messages this series, so he is clearly locked in at the plate.

Be sure to tune in at 8 pm as the Yankees take on New York's other baseball team on ESPN!


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