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Yankees lineup vs. Royals - Derek Jeter Day; Gardner out of the lineup

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Today is Derek Jeter Day at Yankee Stadium and the Yankees need a win today.

The Derek Jeter Day lineup obviously has Derek Jeter at shortstop and batting second. Obviously. Jacoby Ellsbury is the leadoff hitter with Brett Gardner still out. Martin Prado is at second, Carlos Beltran is in right field again and Brian McCann is back out behind the plate. Mark Teixeira is moved aaaaaaaall the way down to sixth in the lineup and he's hitting right in front of actual designated hitter Stephen Drew. Yes. Chase Headley and left fielder Ichiro Suzuki round out the order.

David Phelps threw a 31-pitch simulated game today and he got through it alive. The Yankees will assess his progress and determine the next course of action as he seems destined to return as a member of the bullpen.

Brett Gardner has been experiencing pain in his lower abdominal area and will not be available off the bench today. The injury seems to be a reoccurrence of something he felt while the team was in Cleveland. They have yet to determine what exactly the problem is, but my fear is that it could end up something serious.

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