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Yankees lineup vs. Rays - This one is ugly


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Jim McIsaac

After a terrible start yesterday turned into a surprising win, the Yankees try to avoid another series loss in the finale of a three-game set against the Rays. Tomorrow is a doubleheader against the division-leading Baltimore Orioles, and the lineup looks exactly how you might expect it to with the knowledge of having to play two games tomorrow in another city.

Yikes. That is terrifying. Ichiro Suzuki, Stephen Drew, Chris Young, and Brendan Ryan is a really, really ugly bottom of the order. Michael Pineda will certainly have his work cut out for him tonight, as he tries to avoid his team hanging him out to dry on an unearned run this time around. The season is, at long last, winding down. September is supposed to be when you see young talent for next year taking their licks, but instead we get this. It's not going to be pretty and they are probably going to win only slightly more than they lose over the next 19 games.

I don't know. Hard to feel optimistic about lineups like these. That means they will probably score nine runs. At least there is football tonight if things get really ugly.

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