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Yankees vs. Rays - Masahiro Tanaka to pitch a minor league game

Jim McIsaac

Chris Capuano has to hold the line here because they can't have another outing like Hiroki Kuroda has last night. Even four runs is too much for this team.

Jaocby Ellsbury remains at the top of the order with Brett Gardner out with an abdominal strain. Derek Jeter and Brian McCann follow with Carlos Beltran as the designated hitter. Mark Teixeira has moved down in the order while Chase Headley offers the offense its last competent hitter. From there it's Ichiro Suzuki, Stephen Drew, and Chris Young and I want to barf.

Masahiro Tanaka will pitch a game at the Yankees' minor league complex in Tampa. If all goes well for him then a return to the majors could be in the cards after that, but we'll see.

Francisco Cervelli and Martin Prado are both expected to take batting practice today. Cervelli is feeling much better since going down with migraines, however Prado isn't returning any time soon.