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Yankees lineup vs. Rangers - No Chase Headley tonight

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees hope to make up for last night by actually winning a game against one of the worst teams in baseball.

After trading for Chase Headley earlier today, it appears that the third baseman won't make it into tonight's lineup, so you can look for him to make his debut with the team tomorrow. Tonight has Brett Gardner, Derek Jeter, and Jacoby Ellsbury on top, with Carlos Beltran at DH and Brian McCann taking over at first base. Kelly Johnson is in right field, giving Ichiro a day off. Brian Roberts remains at second base because allowing anyone else to play there would just be silly, while Francisco Cervelli is behind the plate and Zelous Wheeler remains at third base.

For those that are interested in such things, Chase Headley will reportedly wear the No. 12, which was last worn by Alfonso Soriano before he was designated for assignment.

And in hilarious news:

Every major league baseball team should be looking to find out who this scout is and immediately get rid of him.