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Yankees lineup vs. Orioles - What can the Yankees acquire from the Diamondbacks? Tanaka won't be at the All-Star Game

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees hope to get a win today and make up for their extra innings loss to the Orioles last night.

Brett Gardner, Derek Jeter, Jacoby Ellsbury are at the top of the order. Mark Teixeira bats cleanup, Brian McCann is the designated hitter, and Ichiro Suzuki is in right. Brian Roberts, Kelly johnson, and Francisco Cervelli round out the lineup.

The Yankees have announced that Masahiro Tanaka will not be attending the All-Star Game next week. Sad face. I was looking forward to seeing him there, but now we get nothing.

It's clear to everyone that the Diamondbacks are ready to sell. They have already rid themselves of right-handed starter Brandon McCarthy to the Yankees and lefty reliever Joe Thatcher and more are likely to go on the market as we get closer to the trading deadline. Like any team looking to rebuild, they have a list of untouchables that they do not want to give up, and that's understandable, though some of their choices are a little odd.

Most of these players make sense. Including Brad Ziegler and Mark Trumbo do not, but whatever, Kevin Towers. This leaves a laundry list of players who are potentially available. That list would include second baseman Aaron Hill and third baseman Martin Prado, both of whom are signed for the next two seasons. Right fielder Gerardo Parra has one more year of arbitration, and there is also left-handed pitcher Wade Miley, under team control through 2017, and shortstop Didi Gregorius through 2018.