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Yankees lineup vs. Red Sox - Pitching is the only priority at the trade deadline

Tom Szczerbowski

The Yankees and Red Sox begin their battle of mediocrity this weekend!

Brett Gardner, Derek Jeter, and Jacoby Ellsbury are at the top of the lineup. Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran, and Brian McCann are in the middle of the order. Brian Roberts, Ichiro Suzuki, and Kelly Johnson round out the lineup.

As we head toward the trade deadline, rumors are going to heat up about the Yankees being interested in this player or that player. However, you might want to ready yourself for a trade deadline full of rumors about pitchers, because that appears to be all they are focusing on:


Despite underwhelming production at third base, second base, and right field, it looks like the Yankees will hope that upgrading the rotation is all they really need to do. Rob Refsnyder could be promoted and offer an internal solution at second base, but hopefully the rest of the disappointing Yankee offense can be improved in some way when everything is said and done.