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Yankees lineup vs. Rays - Tigers sign Joel Hanrahan

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees will start a three-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays tonight.

Jacoby Ellsbury, Derek Jeter and Carlos Beltran, in right field, make up the top of the order. Mark Teixeira is hitting in the cleanup spot while Alfonso Soriano is booted down a spot and will be playing left field. Brian McCann will get a half day off as the designated hitter. Brian Roberts is in the lineup yet again, Yangerivs Solarte plays third base, and John Ryan Murphy will start behind the plate. At this point, we need to find out if Kelly Johnson is even still alive.

While the Yankees were believed to be one of the finalists for reliever Joel Hanrahan, it turns out they weren't the ones who ended up signing him. The Tigers inked the right-hander to a one-year-deal with a $1 million base salary and incentives that could give him another $3 million. Hanrahan will begin the season on the DL until he can build up arm strength and join the major league team sometime in June. If the Yankees want to find a way to bolster their bullpen they will have to look elsewhere. Perhaps there could be a surprise reliever waiting in the system for a chance to have an impact.