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Derek Jeter out of Yankees lineup for second straight day

Uh oh?

Al Bello

Joe Girardi made it clear yesterday that he wasn't going to put Derek Jeter in the lineup every day to satisfy fans who may want their last glimpse of the captain in pinstripes. Makes sense for a 40-year-old shortstop coming off nearly a full season of injury-related absence. There may be cause for concern, however, as Jeter is not in the lineup for tonight's series finale against the Red Sox. Not wanting to push Jeter's surgically repaired ankle in a day game after a night game is one thing, but not playing him against a left-hander after an off day yesterday could indicate a problem. The beat writers are waiting on an answer, which we'll have for you as soon as they know something and relay the message.

Here is the rest of tonight's lineup:

Update: Here's your Jeter news