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New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles: Sonny Gray vs. Andrew Cashner

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Can the Yankees win both games of the doubleheader in Baltimore?

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles - Game One Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

More baseball!

The Yankees opened the day this afternoon with a 10-3 win over the Orioles. It was notable for being the first non-close/dumb win over Baltimore this season. Just kidding, sort of.

In the second game of the doubleheader, the Yankees will give the ball to...Sonny Gray? Well, okay then. Gray’s 2018 season has not been good, but hopefully he can get through this game against the Orioles without breaking the Yankees and making us all sad. Maybe his Pickles Player’s Weekend uniform will give him special powers or something. We can all hope.

Greg Bird, Austin Romine, and Ronald Torreyes move into a lineup that has been shuffled around from game one.

Andrew Cashner gets the start for the Orioles in game two.

This second game can be seen on PIX 11, and heard on WFAN and WADO. First pitch will be at 7:05 PM ET. Go Yankees, go baseball.