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Spring training game 3: Yankees vs. Pirates

The Yankees take a solid piece of their future to face the Pirates.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Yankees lost to the Phillies in a 3-1 affair whose box score read like so much of last season. Here's to putting that behind us!

A spring training road game means that there's really not much for casual Yankee fans to watch in this one. Since the game's not scheduled on YES, casual fans probably can't even watch it anyway. But for those of you following along via, you get a good look at some potential 2016 Yankees.


CF - Jacoby Ellsbury LF - Jose Tabata
LF - Brett Gardner RF - Gregory Polanco
RF - Chris Young DH - Andrew McCutchen
1B - Garrett Jones CF - Starling Marte
C - John Ryan Murphy 1B - Andrew Lambo
3B - Jose Pirela SS - Jung Ho Kang
DH - Kyle Roller C - Chris Stewart
2B - Rob Refsnyder 2B - Sean Rodriguez
SS - Cito Culver 3B - Justin Sellers
SP - Esmil Rogers SP - Francisco Liriano

I'll be watching Murphy and Refsnyder most closely, because I think they're the ones with the best chance to be regulars down the road. Also take not that Jose Pirela is playing third base, a position he has played 12 games at over his career.

Go Yankees, go spring training.