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Yankees Editorials & Reactions

Is the 2022 offense truly less one-dimensional than last year?

A more well-rounded offense has been touted as a reason for the early success, but it may not be terribly different than it was in 2021.

Yankees starting pitchers have stepped up in just the right way

Yankees starters are on a great streak of providing long starts.

Joey Gallo and Aaron Hicks need to step up

Joey Gallo and Aaron Hicks are struggling mightily, and the lineup can’t hide that anymore.

Arm injuries deserve more of our attention

Pitchers have been shredding their arms for a long time now. Is it actually okay for us, and the league, to just accept this is a natural workplace hazard?

Why we have baseball

Baseball carries very little importance in the grand scheme, and because of that, it really does matter.

Yankees shortstop Isiah Kiner-Falefa loves the backhand

Every player has their quirks, and IKF’s is on ground balls to his right.

As injuries mount, underperformance hurting Yankees more than depth

The Yankees would be in a much better spot if the players they started the season with were all playing well.

The Yankees are still in need of up-the-middle talent

Aaron Hicks and Isiah Kiner-Falefa don’t really cut it for this roster.

These pitchers need to step up in the Yankees’ battered bullpen

The Yanks’ relief corps have lost several arms recently, so it’s time for some pitchers to earn manager Aaron Boone’s trust.

The Yankees need to do something with Clarke Schmidt

In case you didn’t realize it prior to last night, Schmidt has been on the active roster for the last two weeks.

How losing Green to Tommy John will hurt Yanks’ bullpen

Chad Green will miss the rest of 2022 with Tommy John surgery. What does that mean for New York?

Yankees Free Agent Hit or Miss: Pitchers edition

The Yankees passed on many pitchers in this free agent class. How have those pitchers fared so far?

Slowing down recent comparisons between the 1998 and 2022 Yankees

The 1998 Yankees are the closest thing to perfection in baseball history; the 2022 team has a long way to go to get even close to them.

In defense of the deadened baseball

The Yankees mash even with a dead ball.

Yankees earning awards consideration at the quarter mark

Yankees litter the early-season contenders list for MVP, Cy Young, and Reliever of the Year.

Aroldis Chapman and the gnashing of teeth

The Yankees’ closer is one of the greatest relief pitchers of all time. Why doesn’t it feel like that?

Aaron Judge as religious experience

Or, an appreciation of a baseball giant (both literal and figurative) and what he means to a brutally average fan like me.

Marwin Gonzalez v. Tyler Wade, Battle for (F)Utility

Was the combination of signing Marwin Gonzalez and DFA’ing Tyler Wade an upgrade or simply a sidegrade?

What we thought about the Yankees a year ago

Let’s look back at where the Yankees were a year ago, to get a better sense of where they’re going.

The 2022 Yankees feel like a different team

The vibes, as they say, are immaculate, and the wins have been aplenty.

On the Yankees and changing expectations

What does one hot month mean?

“Little league parks” (and others) rule, actually

Rangers’ manager Chris Woodward called Yankee Stadium a "little league park," but the Rangers played there too.

The rotation has been carrying the Yankees

The five Yankees’ starting pitchers have been excellent in the early going.

Under-the-radar early season Yankees narratives to keep an eye on

From pitching depth to bench pieces to lineup flexibility, these are the Yankees storylines to pay attention to during this grueling stretch of the season.

The Yankees have the best pitching coach in baseball

Matt Blake deserves enormous credit for helping mold the club’s tremendous, deep pitching staff.

The 2022 Yankees look a lot like the 2021 Giants

We don’t know how many games the Yankees will win this year, but they share some philosophical similarities with last year’s San Francisco team.

Isiah Kiner-Falefa is making great strides to win over skeptics

The Yankees’ shortstop hasn’t suddenly become a hitting star, but is inflicting more damage than ever with the bat and deserves credit for that.

Bad vibes are the only thing standing in the Yankees’ way

Projections? Stats? No, vibes.

The Shadow of the Yankees’ Evil Empire still looms over baseball

The days of the Evil Empire appear to be over, but its effects changed baseball forever.

Yanks/Jays is a high-profile series without high-profile aces

This three-game battle of AL East rivals highlights an important difference between the two clubs

The power’s back: The Yankees are slugging again

The biggest driver of this offensive resurgence? Putting the ball over the fence.

Robinson Canó and the end of a fandom’s era

The former Yankees All-Star might well be at the end of his career after getting cut by the Mets.