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Looking ahead to the 2018 free agent class

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Jon Heyman thinks the Yankees are going wild. Should they?

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We’re coming down to the end of the 2017 season. The Yankees currently sit in a playoff spot and have their sights set on the division. This should be no time to think about what lies ahead for the organization this winter, but Jon Heyman brought it up first. He wrote about the 2018 top 25 free-agents-to-be, and where they will ultimately sign. He has the Yankees taking a few of them, and I need to say a few things on the subject.

1. Eric Hosmer and 5. Mike Moustakas

The media still seems to be on this thing when it comes to the Royals infielders that says the Yankees are going to go after them with everything they have. Both are fine players, but neither are the type of guys the Yankees should be investing in. I’d say they are overrated, but of course, they are in the middle of fantastic resurgent seasons after disappointing in 2016.

Moustakas is already about to turn 30 and Hosmer is going to get more money and more years than he really should. He would likely end up being another Jacoby Ellsbury in the end. People like Heyman like to think these two are Yankees in the making, but there are better ways this team can spend money.

7. Alex Cobb

Cobb has returned from Tommy John surgery to become a productive member of the Rays rotation. He wasn’t exactly back to his old self, but a 2.3 WAR over 168 innings isn’t nothing. Heading into the offseason, the Yankees will be in need of a lot of pitching. If Masahiro Tanaka leaves, we could be looking at a full overhaul.

Adding Cobb to Sonny Gray, Luis Severino, and Jordan Montgomery would be a nice beginning to a promising rotation. If they can get Cobb on a three or four year deal, I might be okay with this one. The Yankees do have alternatives, but there aren’t many deals out there.

18. Todd Frazier

Heyman seems to think that the Yankees are a favorite to bring Frazier back in the offseason, but I’m hoping that this doesn’t turn out to be true. After a troubling start to his career in the Bronx, Frazier has been about league-average so far. That’s fine for a midseason pickup, but it’s not something the Yankees should be looking to re-up on.

Heyman sees him as the second-tier third base option after Moustakas, which is likely true, but I also think his name will get him more money than he really deserves. The Yankees don’t need another Chase Headley next year because one is enough—and the real one has actually beed good lately. If we’re being honest, Frazier isn’t even that good in the field

19. CC Sabathia

The countdown to the end of his contract is almost up. After nine years in pinstripes, Sabathia will be a free agent and the Yankees will no longer owe him money. He’s turned himself around this year, but health and age make it difficult to say what they do from here. According to Heyman, the front office could be comfortable giving him $8-10 million to pitch for another year.

CC has stated he’s interested in continuing his career, and not just for the money. If there is mutual interest, he’ll likely be back because he’s comfortable here. Will this be a good idea? I don’t know. Could this be a bad idea? I doubt it. That seems to be a good deal for a mostly reliable veteran pitcher. Part of me hopes he just decides to retire, though.

23. Eduardo Nunez

Could you actually imagine the Yankees reuniting with Eduardo Nunez, of all people? Heyman seems to think it could happen, but I’m not sure this is anything but a wild guess. The Yankees like Ronald Torreyes, and if they give Greg Bird a shot at first and move Headley back to third, Nunez has no obvious role.