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These Yankees have owned the Orioles

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The Yankees are fortunate enough to have several players that demolish Baltimore’s pitching.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees
Aaron Judge has been the subject of Buck Showalter’s nightmares in 2017.
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Most people are familiar with the term “Yankee killer”, the name given to the players that have devastated the Yankees over the course of their careers. Often they are players who are in the division, since they get the most opportunities to face the Bombers. This year, however, the Yankees have several batters who torment Baltimore’s pitching staff, demolishing them consistently.

First there’s Aaron Judge. His domination of the Orioles is well publicized; he has been simply frightening against them. In 49 at-bats, Judge has hit .449, complete with a .609 on-base percentage. He’s also slugged an insane 1.082 while posting a 1.685 OPS. That’s not to mention the nine balls he sent into orbit or his 18 RBI. He has particularly picked on Kevin Gausman, registering a .500/.625/.1.333 slash line against the right-hander.

Camden Yards has been Judge’s home away from home. He’s hitting .357 with a .750 slugging percentage in the friendly Baltimore confines. That’s tied for his best mark in any opponent’s ballpark where he has more than 10 at-bats.

Flying under the radar of Judge’s performance, Gary Sanchez has ripped up the O’s as well. He owns a career .302 batting average against the Birds’ pitchers, while slugging .628 with a 1.016 OPS. His numbers rise even higher this year. He’s batting .370 with a .778 slugging percentage, and three of his four career homers against Baltimore have come in 2017.

Perhaps even more impressive, Sanchez has been better than Judge at driving in runs against Baltimore. In 43 at-bats this season, he has 10 RBI, while Judge has 11 RBI in 54 at-bats. They’re neck-and-neck for the most part, but in this category Sanchez has the edge.

While the Baby Bombers have brought the mayhem for Baltimore’s pitching, Matt Holliday has exerted veteran command over the Orioles’ offerings. The Yankees designated hitter has done his job against the O’s, to the tune of a .373/.515/.765 slash line. His 17 RBI against Baltimore this season led the team, and his walk off three-run home run on April 28th gave the Yankees one of their biggest wins this season. In fact, a third of Holliday’s 2017 home runs have come against Baltimore.

These Orioles killers will play a big part in the this series with Baltimore, but they have the potential for a far greater impact over the remainder of their careers in pinstripes. Building a core of players that can handle your division rivals is the best method to competing year-in-year-out for the AL East crown. The Yankees appear well on their way to doing just that.

What do you think about the way the Yankees have handled Baltimore’s pitching this season? Do you have a favorite moment? Let us know in the comment section below.