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There's nothing the Yankees can do to shake up the offense

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Yankees are bad. They're so bad that it's May and they still have single-digits wins. Many are calling for the team to shake up the roster in an attempt to get some offense going, and Brian Cashman is likely considering his options, but there really isn't a whole lot they can do at this point. The Braves just brought up five players in order to change things up at the big league level. They have already overturned 36% of their Opening Day roster, but the Yankees don't have that luxury. Their roster is pretty much locked in, and they already had enough injured that there really isn't anyone to call up that could have an impact.

If they were to make a move, the obvious choice would be to bench Chase Headley. He might be due nearly $40 million on the remainder of his four-year contract, but he is hitting only .156/.267/.156 without a single extra base hit so far, but who would replace him? Ronald Torreyes has nine hits in only 24 plate appearances, and while he might be an improvement over Headley in the short-term, long-term it would only be a matter of time before he was exposed at the plate.

They could replace Torreyes with Rob Refsnyder, but there would be no point because the second-baseman-turned-third-baseman proved he couldn't manage the hot corner after getting popped in the face twice in spring training. Even if he was capable of handling the position, Refsnyder is only hitting .235/.290/.282 and would actually be a downgrade compared to what Torreyes has done. The 25-year-old prospect is now playing in the outfield for the first time since 2014, so it's probably not looking too good for his chances at third.

The Yankees aren't going to bench Mark Teixeira because Dustin Ackley isn't going to be better and Greg Bird is lost for the year. They won't give up on Carlos Beltran because he's been one of their better hitters. And there is no way Jacoby Ellsbury is going anywhere. There just isn't anyone on the roster they can option in order to give someone else a chance. Players like Aaron Hicks and Dustin Ackley can't be optioned to the minors, so they aren't going anywhere. They just acquired Hicks and will give him time to adjust to a part-time role and Ackley has another year of arbitration and it's still too early to think about discarding him. Besides, there really aren't any good alternatives at the moment. Slade Heathcott is always injured, and Ben Gamel profiles as a fourth outfielder at best. It's not like they have players readily available to plug into the roster.

If you think the Yankees should call up their prospects, who would that be? Aaron Judge is hitting well with a .277/.320/.447 batting line, but he's struck out 27% of the time, and right now he's primarily working on his approach against off-speed stuff so that when he eventually does get a call-up, he won't be completely outmatched. Calling up Judge only makes sense if he can get regular playing time, but Beltran isn't going anywhere, and even if they send Ackley packing, Judge wouldn't see a whole lot of playing time.

Shortstop prospect Jorge Mateo is off to a great start, hitting .311/.376/.478, but he's still only 20 years old, hasn't reached the upper minors, and doesn't have a clear opening on the roster with Didi Gregorius in place. Just this week, he was pulled out of a game for (rumored) disciplinary reasons and made two costly errors in one game–on his way to his typical 30 errors a season. It could be another two years before we see Mateo get a taste of the majors, and quite frankly, that's ok. He just isn't ready yet.

The only move they can make right now is replace Austin Romine with Gary Sanchez, but given that he will be the backup catcher, having Sanchez up in the majors won't have much of an effect on the roster. He would only play once or twice a week, and if he can't adjust to playing part time, the move would be a fruitless one.

Alex Rodriguez just left last night's game with an apparent leg injury, so if he's due to miss time on the disabled list, the Yankees could take this opportunity to call up Nick Swisher. He has hit well in the minors since signing a minor league deal with the team, but there's no telling how his bat, or his knees, will hold up. That's really the best they can do right now.

Everyone says the Yankees need to do something, and it would certainly be nice if they could, but the team really has no move to make this early in the season. It's why Ken Davidoff claims to have the answers to fix the team, but his four steps don't actually offer anything concrete beyond benching Headley ("solve the Ellsbury problem" is not helpful). It's why Cashman is hoping that the team turns things around instead of requiring some changes–there's nothing anyone can do right now, and it sucks. This team is bad, this team is in trouble, but we have to sit through it a little longer. Either they get better on their own, or they tear down the team. Even then, they could be this bad all year.