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Should the Yankees try to trade for Ben Zobrist?

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The Cubs plan to target Ben Zobrist, but should the Yankees look into him as well?

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As we move through the season, fans and analysts alike try to look at each position to see what can be done to improve the team. For the Yankees, the weakest spot has to be Stephen Drew and Jose Pirela at second base.

This question was asked back in January, when Ben Zobrist was a member of Joe Maddon's Tampa Bay Rays. Now, Zobrist has recently returned from injury, and is in the last year of his contract with the Oakland Athletics. He's in his age-34 season, so the veteran could be running out of gas soon after suffering from torn cartilage in his knee. As of now, Zobrist is definitely still productive from both sides of the plate with a .243/.305/.410 and 101 wRC+ in 82 plate appearances in 2015.

On the defensive side, Zobrist is known for his prowess in the infield, but he can also play the corner outfield positions, as well. While defense at second hasn't been the issue with Drew and Pirela, their offensive production has left much to be desired. In Drew's first 179 plate appearances, Drew's slash line is .168/.236/.311 with a 49 wRC+, while Pirela has has hit .237/.237/.263 with a 32 wRC+ in a small sample size of 38 plate appearances.

The Yankees have very limited options for second base. Drew draws little to no trade value, Pirela hasn't gotten much of a chance, and Rob Refsnyder still has some issues to smooth out in Triple-A. Refsnyder has 11 errors in his first 47 games in Triple-A Scranton, which is 4 more than Drew, Pirela, and Zobrist combined. Granted, hitting in Scranton hasn't been the problem for Refsnyder, as he has slashed .276/.355/.376 in his first 204 plate appearances for the RailRiders.

Now, Zobrist going to the Cubs wouldn't be a huge surprise, as he would reunite with his manager from his time in Tampa Bay. Zobrist would probably be a great starting second baseman, but could also be a backup in the outfield or at shortstop whenever Carlos Beltran or Didi Gregorius need a day off. Before any potential deal can come to be, there would need to be a sizable return going to Oakland. Drew provides little to no trade value, while Pirela isn't the hottest commodity on the market. Meanwhile, it would be unwise to trade away someone like Refsnyder for a veteran that will be a free agent at the end of the season.

If you're Brian Cashman, do you try and get Zobrist? If you push for him, what players do you send back to the A's in return?