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Could we soon see the end of MLB blackouts?

Life for a cable cord cutter might get simpler soon.

Al Bello/Getty Images

I've moved around a lot, and while baseball has been a constant, the "how" of my baseball consumption has been in flux.

I lived in Binghamton and Scranton from '05-'08, with access to the Yankees and YES Network on cable. In 2008, I moved to North Carolina, where I made do with the various cable games of the week and the Yankees through MLB Radio. Then in 2009, I moved to northern New Jersey, where I once again enjoyed the YES Network and its terribly small loop of advertisers as the Yankees romped through the AL East and the postseason.

In the spring of 2011, I moved to Maryland's Eastern Shore, where I still live. When my wife and I moved here, we cut the cord. Cable was just too expensive considering how little we watched it. Do I really want to pay another $500 or so every year so I can see the Yankees play the Orioles thirty times a year? I'd rather take half that money and go to Camden Yards a few times (speaking of which, PSA road trip #31?).

But then, in the wake of ESPN's decision to sign on to launch SlingTV, word is starting to go around the MLB and FOX Sports (the broadcaster of more than 40% of MLB's regional networks) are working on a deal of their own:

According to sources, the economics of the deal between MLB and FOX are in place, but challenges remain.

Reportedly, MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) is seeking to control all the streaming of the games, while FOX also wishes to be in on the action. MLBAM, the digital media company of Major League Baseball, would offer the games on MLB.TV, which would require users to authenticate through their pay-TV provider.

Of course, I'd love to get to watch Yankee games for (what I'd consider to be) a reasonable price. I'm not quite that naive.

But I'm interested in seeing what sort of deals fans get offered as we stand on the precipice of debundling. SlingTV sets an interesting bar; on the one hand, $20 per month is my idea of reasonable, but on the other hand, even $20 per month might be high considering all baseball programming takes place in the same 6 hour window each day.

What do you think Yankee fans? Do you depend on the YES Network to see your team play? Would you cut the cord if you could get Yankee games for a few hundred bucks?