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Should the Yankees consider bringing in a veteran closer?

Should the Yankees consider bringing in a veteran closer so that Miller and Betances can be used more effectively?

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One of the biggest decisions the Yankees have to make before the regular season starts is about who should fill the role of closer. The main choices for the position are Andrew Miller or Dellin Betances, though the team could opt for them to share the role. They could also go in an entirely different direction and bring in a third person to be the closer. Should they consider making someone besides Miller or Betances the closer?

The best argument in favor of bringing in another reliever to be the closer is that it would free up Miller and Betances. If one (or both) of them get locked into the closer role, then their availability becomes limited. If the Yankees brought in someone else to be the closer, then Miller and Betances could be used in high leverage situations or against the most challenging batters. Although, knowing Joe Girardi, he might make them strictly the seventh and eighth inning guys if he was given the opportunity. Since the rotation is so unpredictable right now, it would ease my mind to know that the Betances and Miller could protect the later innings of the game. Furthermore, bringing in a veteran closer would give the bullpen more depth in case someone gets hurt or is ineffective.

Realistically, the Yankees should not spend any substantial money on the bullpen since it is by and far the greatest strength on the team. If they want to sign any more free agents, then that money would be best spent on a starting pitcher to shore up the rotation, a bat to improve the offense, or Yoan Moncada (if he ever becomes available). With that being said, Rafael Soriano has yet to be signed, and we know the Yankees love having a "proven closer." The odds of the Phillies winning the World Series is probably higher than the odds of the Yankees bringing back Soriano. His untucking antics would be more interesting than his actual pitching considering that he put up a 3.12 ERA, 3.08 FIP and 1.12 WHIP in 2014, which isn't terrible, but Miller and Betances both had much better seasons.

It would only make sense to go with someone besides Miller and Betances if the Yankees decided to fill the position internally, or made a trade, both of which seem very unlikely. Some Yankee fan out there will argue that Miller and Betances have no closer experience, so it should be someone else by default, but David Robertson didn't either going into last season, and he did just fine. There's also the fact that none of the relievers on the 40-man roster have experience as closer, so they might as well just go with their best reliever, which would be Miller, Betances or a combination of the two.

Do you think the Yankees should consider bringing in someone besides Andrew Miller or Dellin Betances to be the closer?