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Are the Yankees done making moves for the offseason?

Are the Yankees set or will they make more moves during the offseason?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Yankees have brought back Stephen Drew, it begs the question of whether they are done making moves for the offseason. ESPN's Andrew Marchand has since said that that it looks like the Yankees are "pretty much set," and while they have made quite a bit of moves, there are still some things they could do between now and spring training. After being traded to San Diego, Shawn Kelley stated that Yankees' GM Brian Cashman had been "working on some things" and that the trade was part of a "new plan." Then the Yankees turned around and traded prospect Manny Banuelos for relievers David Carpenter and Chasen Shreve. If that plan was just to shed a tiny bit of salary and replace Kelley with a similar right-handed pitcher, then mission accomplished. It could be that the Yankees are still waiting for some larger plan to unfold though.

One area that could use work is the rotation. If the Yankees still want to bring in another player, then it should probably be a starting pitcher. The rotation currently consists of CC Sabathia, Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda, Chris Capuano and Nathan Eovaldi. With Ivan Nova expected to return mid-season, and question marks surrounding the health of 3/5 of the rotation, it wouldn't hurt to have some more starting pitchers. The Yankees have gotten rid of some dead weight on the 40-man roster over the offseason, so they should easily be able to find the room for another starter. They were carrying five catchers, and that dropped down to four with the Francisco Cervelli trade. They were also able to get Slade Heathcott off of the roster, while signing him to a new minor league deal. Of course, after all the trades, the roster is full again, but there are a handful of players who could be considered expendable such as one of the new relief pitchers, or one of the surplus outfielders.

With the addition of Drew, the infield and outfield do appear to be set in terms of backup players. There's certainly more depth there than there was last season, when the Yankees decided they didn't need anyone besides Mark Teixeira who could play first base, and Kelly Johnson was relegated to backing up the entire infield. Now they have Garrett Jones who can play first and outfield and Chase Headley who can probably play first in a jam. Brendan Ryan can backup second and third in addition to shortstop. Alex Rodriguez could play third (and possibly first if worst came to worst), and Chris Young can also play outfield. Then either Jose Pirela or Rob Refsnyder wins the 2B job and Drew plays backup, or he takes it and one of them plays backup. If the Yankees make no other moves during the offseason, at least we can rest assured that we're not one DL trip away from A-Rod being the everyday third baseman.

Do you think the Yankees are done for the offseason, or are you expecting them to sign or trade for a starting pitcher?