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Mark Teixeira needs to stop talking

The Yankees first baseman continues to open up his big mouth and say something stupid and it needs to stop

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

He's done it again. Mark Teixeira has opened his mouth and said something stupid:

After suffering through the amount of injuries that Mark Teixeira has this year, it might be true, but it's still not something fans want to hear, especially from someone also hitting only .177/.278/.287 in the second half. Teixeira hasn't reached 150 games since 2011 and he won't even reach 130 with only a week to go and an injury list this long:


It's mostly been the wrist, but it hasn't only been the wrist. He's getting older and his body isn't holding up like it used to. That's all true, but when you don't really have much going for you anymore, it's best to take a page out of the Derek Jeter Media Guide Handbook and just give some generic answers and say nothing. Instead, he's being stupidly honest and it's coming off like he's accepted his career trajectory and threw up a big ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on the year and the remainder of his career. It's annoying, honestly. This isn't even the first time he's come out and said something like this.

Back in the offseason, he said some eyebrow-raising stuff, like how it's all down hill from here and that he's not worth the money he makes:

I have no problem with anybody in New York, any fan, saying you're overpaid. Because I am. We all are.

When the season started, he claimed that he'd never physically be the same again after undergoing surgery:

It's never going to be normal. (There will be) a new normal and hopefully it will get stronger. We'll see what that new normal is. Is it hitting the ball in the second row instead of the fifth? Hopefully that's what it is.

Which also led to this gem and the popular PSA Baby Wrist meme:

I'm never going to be the way I was out of the womb. People are like, 'You had surgery, so now you're normal.' It's like, no, that's exactly why you're not normal.

That's extremely, extremely literal and slightly insane to hear from a grown man. It also sounds like an excuse. Here's another he made just last week:

Look, this year was not a year, health-wise, that I was happy about. So (a full offseason training program) will keep me healthier and that's going to improve performance, no doubt.

He claims that a full offseason of training will make it less likely that he will pull a hamstring in August. He's officially lost me now that he's changed his story. Shaun already touched upon this, but it bears repeating: You're just getting old.

It seems that Mark Teixeira has become increasingly more outspoken about being terrible the worse his contract looks. Sometimes it's ok to say nothing. It's ok to emulate Derek Jeter during a media scrum. Teixeira isn't lying, he isn't making stuff up, but he needs to stop talking. Someone needs to advise him that nobody wants to hear the crushing reality that he sucks, he's going to get older and worse, and his contract is going to be stupid. Especially when he's using that reality as some kind of bizarre excuse. We all already know these things, don't rub it in our faces. It's no wonder his Foul Territory videos have become increasingly less endearing the less games he plays and the lower his batting line falls.