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After such a promising start, the Yankees are unlikely to come away with any major awards

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when the Yankees had the future Cy Young and Rookie of the Year in Masahiro Tanaka? Or when Yangervis Solarte was the RoY after April? And then when Tanaka got hurt, Betances looked like a good contender to be named the best rookie in the American League? Remember those good times? Well, they're gone now and the Yankees are unlikely to come away with really any of the major awards this season.

While Tanaka still leads all pitchers in WAR, even if he makes it back to pitch in September, voters aren't going to pick him to win the Cy Young over someone like Felix Hernandez, who has dominated all year without losing any time to injury. Tanaka will still get his fair share of votes, because he deserves them, and he seemingly could end up in second place, but Yankees fans aren't getting the award they wanted. He's probably also the closest thing the team has to an MVP candidate, and he's not winning that one either, so you can forget it.

As for Rookie of the Year, Tanaka could still be in play for that along with Dellin Betances, however, Jose Abreu is likely going to take that honor home with the offensive season he's had. As good of a season as Dellin has had, he might not come away with anything to show for it. Even the Mariano Rivera American League Reliever of the Year Award, in its inaugural season, seems destined to go to Wade Davis, Jake McGee, or a closer like Sean Doolittle, Glen Perkins, or Koji Uehara. It seems that as good as your best is, there's always someone better. Or at least with more saves.

You can absolutely forget about anyone winning a Silver Slugger because this offense is atrocious. Their two best bets, Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner will still fall short with Ellsbury only putting together a league-average offensive season and Gardner's impressive year being completely overshadowed by legitimate MVP candidate Alex Gordon. As for Gold Glove, maybe Gardner has finally hit enough to get one, though Gordon will probably win that one too. However, maybe, just maybe, Mark Teixeira will come away with one for the first basemen, though James Loney or Eric Hosmer could snag the award up.

It seems that as good as some of our candidates are, they're just not the best. Or they got hurt. Don't get your hopes up too high when the awards are announced this year because it's unlikely they'll be shouting out the names of any Yankees. With Tanaka and Betances it looked like the Yankees had a legitimate shot at an award of some kind, but it just wasn't meant to be and we'll have to wait until next year to try again.