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Brian Cashman defends offseason moves

Cashman says the Yankees tried to fix what they could during the offseason, and that there were just more talented outfielders available than infielders.

Jim McIsaac

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has said that he stands by the team's offseason moves, despite the recent injuries to Brendan Ryan, Mark Teixeira and David Robertson. "We wanted to fix as much as we could, but acknowledged that we couldn't fix everything that needed to be addressed. That's with the money we were in position to spend as well as the available talent. The better talent was really heavily in favor of the outfield rather than the infield."

I would agree that the available talent was favored towards outfielders, but Robinson Cano waves hello from Seattle. Then again, even if the Yankees had Cano at this point, it wouldn't help in terms of filling the holes at first, third or shortstop. As much as I like Jacoby Ellsbury (and really enjoy seeing multiple people on the team with the ability to steal bases), I still feel like the Yankees didn't really need to sign both Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran, since the outfield was already full. Yes, the Yankees signed Kelly Johnson, Brendan Ryan and Brian Roberts, but they did absolutely nothing in terms of a backup for first base.

Cashman went on to say, "we were open with the infield and the bullpen would be unanswered questions that everyone would need to stay tuned with as a developing story." Obviously, part of the game is that players are going to get hurt. I understand that, but now that the season is officially underway, I don't really want to stay tuned about the infield and the bullpen anymore. Let's imagine that Johnson gets hurt tomorrow. Who would play first base then? Francisco Cervelli, who has never ever played there? Girardi thinks that Tex will be back by the beginning of May, which is good news, but doesn't change the fact that there are not enough infield options right now. I hope that at some point, Cashman trades one of the surplus catchers for infield help in a deal that blows our minds and makes me feel bad for questioning the infield plan.

Now that the season is in full swing, and the Yankees have had to put players on the DL, do you still agree with the big offseason moves for Ellsbury, Beltran, Brian McCann and Masahiro Tanaka? Do you think that the Yankees should have put a little more focus into creating an infield backup plan? Are you more concerned with the bullpen? Or do you agree with Cashman 100%?