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Frequently Asked Alex Rodriguez Questions

Yankee fans have a lot of questions regarding Alex Rodriguez. We here at Pinstripe Alley will hopefully answer the majority of them for you in our new FAARQ section.

Jonathan Daniel

Alex Rodriguez is no longer suspended from baseball activities. He's tan, he's rested, and he's ready to give it another go in the Bronx next year. A lot of Yankee fans are wondering what kind of role he will play next year, or if he'll even be on the team altogether. There are many questions being asked about A-Rod. If Thursday was a minor preview of the offseason we're in store for regarding him, there will definitely be many more questions in the future. Pinstripe Alley has decided to create a Frequently Asked Alex Rodriguez Questions section. This FAARQ (pronounced Farc U) section will hopefully serve as a reference guide whenever you get curious about the old Centaur.

How Old is Alex Rodriguez?

Alex Rodriguez is currently 39 years old. He will turn 40 on July 27th, 2015.

Can Alex Rodriguez play third base regularly?

All signs point to no, but there is always a chance that he can. Do not count him out just yet. However, one should go under the safe assumption that he is not going to be able to do so due to his age, his hips, and him being removed from baseball for more than a year. And by "one should" I mean the Yankees should. Thankfully, it looks like they are being cautious.

If he cannot play third base regularly, what will his role be?

Besides sharing the DH position with Carlos Beltran, Brian Cashman mentioned that Joe Girardi suggested A-Rod try and get some work in at first base. With Mark Teixeira also considered an injury risk, having Alex as his potential backup is not the worst of ideas.

Since Derek Jeter is now retired, why not put Alex Rodriguez back at shortstop?

No. Just no. This question has come up a lot lately. Alex Rodriguez is not, and should not, replace Derek Jeter at the shortstop position. He has not played that position in over ten years. If the Yankees are concerned about him playing third base regularly, then shortstop is most likely out of the question. Then there's the whole matter of him taking over for Derek Jeter. The potential media blitz following that hypothetical announcement would not be worth it for the Yankees. They already have enough to deal with as it is.

Can the Yankees just cut ties with Alex Rodriguez already?

Yes, they can. Realistically though, there's a better chance of them actually taking a pair of scissors to some store bought ties than there is of them just cutting him loose like that. That would be a lot of money down the drain for the Yankees. Despite getting the whole nasty, weird, sometimes outright disturbing A-Rod package deal, the Yankees will understandably want to see what he can offer the team next year. If he offers very little, then there is a chance the let him go the following year.

Since he cheated, can't the Yankees just void his contract and refuse to pay him?

No. No they cannot. Contracts do not currently work like that. Maybe they will in the future, but for now the Yankees will have to pay him every cent he's owed.

Does the sports media obsess over Alex Rodriguez?

Whether you think it's right or wrong, A-Rod news interests people whether it's good or bad. Like it or not, he's a very famous celebrity with a lot of baggage. On the radio broadcast, John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman would bring up A-Rod to one of the New York Post writers. He said how he was looking forward to him coming back because "he certainly makes the game more interesting." You should probably assume that the rest of the media feels the same way, whether they ridicule him or not.

How will Yankee fans react to Alex Rodriguez after so long?

If history is any indication, the reaction to A-Rod will moderately be the same as it always is. If A-Rod hits poorly, Yankee fans will boo him mercilessly. If A-Rod hits well, he will be cheered and forgiven as if nothing happened.

That's it for now. Do you have any FAARQs that we did not get to in the post? Ask away and the Pinstripe Alley staff will do their best to provide answers.