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Do the Yankees lack personality?

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Let's make 2015 not as sleepy, boys.

Brian Blanco
If you witnessed the majority of the 2013 and 2014 seasons, you can probably accept the fact that the Yankees weren't a very fun team to watch. Of course, these last two seasons haven't been filled with many wins (at least not by the Yankees' standards) nor have they had any big moments or plays aside from one or two that standout (Derek Jeter's and Mariano Rivera's final home game). And while winning can play a huge part in whether one team is labeled boring or not, the question is whether this team lacks personality.

One reason might just be the lack of exciting players currently on the roster, specifically, exciting young players, but of course this might change moving forward. Looking around baseball, it might be hard not to get a tiny bit jealous when so many young, exciting players are making their debuts with teams. Even the teams that are aiming to win the World Series for the first time in forever, like the Royals and Orioles, have players that are young and interesting to watch.

Do the Yankees currently have anyone on the roster that makes baseball fun to watch? When you look at the roster and see names like Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran, and Mark Teixeira (although he does have his fantastic talk show) these aren't exactly players that have the most interesting personalities, at least not based on what they have shown us. Nick Swisher did give this team some personality when he was here, but I didn't realize how annoying he was until he departed.

I think there are two ways to solve this: bring up some some young players that will excite the fan base, and of course, win. Winning always makes people happier, and winning always seems to bring out the best in players. Aside from all the Derek Jeter fanfare, 2014 was, for the most part, a very boring season. Tanaka brought some excitement and he will continue to as long as he is healthy, but the Yankees can benefit from calling up some players as well. Rob Refsnyder and Jacob Lindgren would add some excitement and intrigue. While we don't know the personalities of these two yet, just knowing that they are two young players eager to make an impact is enough.

The Yankees have always been a very "suit and tie" kind of franchise, and that is easy to root for when they win, but now that they have missed the playoffs two years in a row, it is easy to see just how boring some of the players on this team are. Fans are eager for some excitement, a team with a hopeful future, which is why many of us were chomping at the bit for some kids to get called up over the likes of Brian Roberts and Stephen Drew. Teixeira's 'Foul Territory' has been so successful because it is a welcoming change on a team that has been very boring in recent years, but maybe they need more of this to start getting people excited again.

Do you think the Yankees need some personality to make them more watchable or should they avoid excessive celebration and team gimmicks that we've seen over the years? Or does excitement simply come down to winning?