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Peter Gammons compares Alex Rodriguez to the Marathon Bomber


People hate Alex Rodriguez. I get it. I don't really get it, because baseball is a sport, it's for fun, and unless you're betting on it, the outcome doesn't really affect you personally. Still, I get it. He's one of the best players in baseball history and he knows it and he isn't humble about it, so we hate him.

However, Peter Gammons went so far as to compare him to the Marathon Bomber. That's Peter Gammons, a nationally recognized baseball writer, with a place in the Hall of Fame, comparing a baseball player to a terrorist. I'd like to think that we're better than this and have more perspective. This might be evidence of how far overboard this is going, Whatever you think about Alex Rodriguez, whether you hate him or love him or don't really care at all, let's all remember that he's just a person.

I'm not saying he's a human being with thoughts and feelings, but he's not, in fact, the embodiment of evil like some like to believe. He's just a very, very flawed man who happens to be amazingly good at his job. That last part should really be all that matters, but for whatever reason we're obsessed with shaming cheaters.

It's because of thoughts like this that lazy baseball writers jump on, hook their teeth in, and spew ridiculous trash like this. Like that time A-Rod was called the Whitey Bulger of baseball. Bulger is a convicted murderer. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a terrorist who killed and injured innocent lives. How is that the same as a baseball player cheating at a game? How can we be so outraged about something like that?

If the media gives the people what they want, we should probably all slow down and not continue to act like steroids are the worst crime imaginable, because otherwise the media will continue to portray it as such. I think we can also safely assume, after all of this and hearing what he had to say on the radio, that Alex Rodriguez did something wrong, but he didn't kill anyone. Let's not forget that.

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