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Yankees Editorials & Reactions

The Yankees will not miss Tyler Wade and Andrew Velazquez

The two infielders will both be in Anaheim in 2022, but the Yankees can easily replace them.

What is the most likely outcome of this offseason?

Brian Cashman could lead the Yankees’ lineup in one of many directions.

Bryan Reynolds is an unlikely target for the Yankees

The Pirates might be willing to trade Reynolds, but under their own specific terms.

Where does the Yankees’ depth stand following latest roster moves?

New York now has even fewer options to cover positions that were already lacking heading into this offseason.

Do the Yankees need more left-handed hitters?

Lack of run scoring was an issue last season, but was the team’s performance against right handed pitching a problem?

As free agency picks up, remember the example of Carl Crawford

Brian Cashman’s infamous dinner is a reminder of how to treat this process.

Evaluating the Gerrit Cole contract after two seasons

What’s an ace worth these days?

The Yankees must stay away from a pure stopgap shortstop this winter

Signing a short-term, glove-first shortstop creates more problems than it solves.

Why I’m not expecting much from Hal Steinbrenner

The owner recently agreed to a proposal which could lower the CBT threshold.

On free agency and the Yankees’ roster flexibility

Signing a big-name shortstop gives the club the kind of contingency they need.

Should the Yankees trade from their bullpen depth?

The Yankees have plenty of bullpen depth, but their value on the trade market is uncertain.

How Tyler Wade fared against other MLB utilitymen

Tyler Wade has quietly filled a major role for the Yankees over the past few years. Should Brian Cashman be searching for a replacement?

Was the Yankees’ dip under the luxury tax an aberration, or the start of a cycle?

The Yankees’ actions this winter could inform us whether they viewed 2021 as a one-off opportunity, or the start of a new norm.

Assessing the Yankees’ major league trade pieces

The Yankees have several players they can flip on the trade market this winter.

An argument for the Yankees dealing top prospects for stars

Aggressively moving blue chip prospects could bring elite talent to the Bronx.

Imagining a 14-team expanded playoffs

The owners are going to get their expanded playoffs. Here’s what a 14-team format might look like.

What type of contract should we expect for Aaron Judge?

Judge will enter free agency after the 2022 season, unless the team can come to an agreement with their superstar.

These Yankees could benefit from playing some Winter Ball

Aaron Hicks, Luis Severino, and Miguel Andújar have different backgrounds and situations, but playing over the winter could be beneficial for all three.

Simulating the 2022 Yankee offseason

The Yankees come up short on the biggest targets, but still improved the on-field product.

The Yankees find themselves in the same position as two years ago

After the 2019 season, the Yankees had a good roster but an obvious need, much as they do now. Will they repeat the past and reel in another big fish?

Justin Verlander could be a re-do of the Corey Kluber trial

The Yankees have been linked to the veteran free agent, and could take a flyer on him. Are they in a better spot to gamble on an injured great than last year?

Checking in on the Yankees’ 40-man roster and payroll

As the offseason officially kicks off with the annual GM Meetings, let’s see where the Yankees payroll and roster currently stand.

Best Yankees defensive seasons that didn’t end with a Gold Glove

The Yankees may not win a ton of Gold Gloves, but that hasn’t stopped these defenders from flashing the leather.

PSA’s 2022 Free Agent Predictions

See what the staff predicted for the upcoming contracts of the top-30 free agents this winter.

Looking at three true outcomes in the 2021 postseason

Spoiler: Home runs are really good.

The most positive developments of the 2021 Yankees season

It was a frustrating year, but let’s try to find some reasons for optimism going forward.

Reviewing the Yankees with 2022 contract options

New York faces looming decisions on a number of players.

Reviewing the Yankees’ non-tender candidates

The Bombers have some decisions to make on players due raises in arbitration.

Bad contracts vs. rookie arms: Rethinking bullpen construction

Have the Yankees discovered a sustainable approach to building a cost-effective relief corps?

The Yankees need to go all-in this winter

The Yankees might not be presented with an easier opportunity to re-tool than right now.

This offseason could lead to more disappointment for Yankee fans

The Yankees were once the villains of Major League Baseball. Will this offseason be a return to form for Cashman and Co., or more of the same?

Is there any real fire to the Seager and Correa smoke?

Let’s take a look at early winter reports during past notable free agent winters to try to guess whether the Yankees are serious players for Corey Seager and Carlos Correa.


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