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Yankees 2017 draft pick results tracker and social media guide

Keep track of the Yankees from the 2017 draft class.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 MLB Draft is all wrapped up and now we just have to wait and see who decides to sign with the Yankees. The Yankees really knew what they wanted this year, and that turned out to be right-handed pitchers. They selected 17 RHPs during last year’s draft, but that number jumped up to 23 this year. You really never can have too much pitching.

Just like we have done in past years, I’ve put together a list of the Yankees’ 2017 draft class. The top ten player's each have a link to Tanya and Jason's research on them. You can also find a link to each player's Twitter handle, if they have one. The Yankees have $6,912,800 worth of bonus pool money to work with for the first ten rounds. It typically takes a few days for decisions to start trickling in, but we will update this post when that information becomes available.

Round Player School DOB Twitter Status Assignment
1 (16) Clarke Schmidt South Carolina 2/20/96 @ClarkeSchmidt Signed GCL Yankees West (60-day DL)
2 (54) Matt Sauer Righetti HS 1/21/99 @redsauers Signed GCL Yankees West
3 (87) Trevor Stephan Arkansas 11/25/95 @tstep23 Signed Staten Island
4 (122) Canaan Smith Rockwall-Heath HS 4/30/99 @CanaanSmith_ Signed GCL Yankees East
5 (152) Glenn Otto Rice 3/11/96 @Otto_Glenn34 Signed GCL Yankees East
6 (182) Dalton Lehnen Augustana College 5/16/96 @DaltonLehnen Signed GCL Yankees West
7 (212) Dalton Higgins Dallas Baptist 08/08/95 @DaltonHig Signed GCL Yankees East
8 (242) Kyle Zurak Radford U 11/28/94 @kzurak2 Signed
9 (272) Austin Gardner U Texas Arlington 12/02/94 Signed GCL Yankees West
10 (302) Chad Whitmer Southern Illinois U Carbondale 5/11/95 @c_whit32 Signed GCL Yankees West
11 (332) Shawn Semple University of New Orleans 10/09/95 @ShawnSemple Signed GCL Yankees East
12 (362) Steven Sensley University of Louisiana - Lafayette 09/06/95 @_SS27_ Signed Pulaski
13 (392) Eric Wagaman Orange Coast College 8/14/97 @ericwagss Signed Pulaski
14 (422) Harold Cortijo Riverdale Baptist School 4/27/98 Signed GCL Yankees East
15 (452) Aaron McGarity Virginia Tech 1/31/95 @AaronMcGarity Signed GCL Yankees East
16 (482) Ricky Surum U Mt Olive 12/07/94 @_slick_1 Signed GCL Yankees East
17 (512) Chris Hess U Rhode Island 12/03/94 @chrishess07 Signed Staten Island
18 (542) Garrett Whitlock Alabama - Birmingham 6/11/96 Signed
19 (572) Ron Marinaccio U Delaware 07/01/95 @ronmarinaccio Signed GCL Yankees East
20 (602) Ryan Lidge Notre Dame 10/27/94 @The_Fridge36 Signed Pulaski
21 (632) Bryan Blanton Catawba College 12/19/95 @BBlanton10 Signed GCL Yankees West
22 (662) Janson Junk Seattle University 01/15/96 @JansonJunk Signed GCL Yankees West
23 (692) Colby Davis Chaparral HS 08/24/99 @colby_davis24 Won't sign
24 (722) Pat DeMarco Winder Barrow HS 03/10/98 @patdemarco27 Won't sign
25 (752) Riley Thompson Louisville 07/09/96 @rileythomp19
26 (782) Austin Crowson Lane CC 09/06/96 @austin_crowson
27 (812) Alex Mauricio Norfolk State University 09/24/96 Signed GCL Yankees West
28 (842) Shane Roberts William T. Dwyer HS 10/24/98 @ShaneTRoberts13 Won't sign
29 (872) Tristan Beck Stanford 06/24/96 @t_beck07 Won't sign
30 (902) Jake Magnum Mississippi State 03/08/96 @jakemangum15 Won't sign
31 (932) Jimmy Herron Duke U 07/27/96 @Jimbabwe_III
32 (962) Alika Williams Rancho Bernardo HS 03/12/99 @Alika_Williams
33 (992) Jacob Stevens Boston College 02/11/96 @Bear_Stevens33
34 (1022) Jordan Butler Alonso HS 12/02/98 @butlerjordan15 Won't sign
35 (1052) Steven Williams Deerfield-Windsor School 02/18/99 @steven_wms21 Won't sign
36 (1082) Andrew Abbott Halifax County Sr HS 06/01/99 @andrewabbott33 Won't sign
37 (1112) Tanner Burns Decatur HS 12/28/98 @TannerBurnsAU Won't sign
38 (1142) Brent Burgess Spartanburg Methodist College 05/02/97 @BBurgess10_ Won't sign
39 (1172) Andrew Nardi Ventura College 08/18/98 @Nardizzzzle
40 (1202) Hayden Cantrelle Teurlings Catholic HS 11/25/98 @CantrelleRegime

Post-draft updates

6/17: According to their respective Twitter pages, Andrew Abbott, Tanner Burns, Steven Williams, and Jordan Butler all plan to honor their college commitments. This is the typical expectation for high schoolers drafted in the later rounds.

As reported earlier in the week, second-round pick Matt Sauer intends to sign with the Yankees. Bryan Blanton wasted no time inking his deal with the Yankees. It also appears that Canaan Smith, Chris Hess, and Eric Wagaman have signed, as their Twitter bios indicate that they are in the organization.

Sounds like Clarke Schmidt plans on signing, as well:

6/20: Per Jim Callis, Trevor Stephen has signed for $800K. Fourth-rounder Glenn Otto has also agreed to a deal with the Yankees ($320,900).

Dalton Lehnen, Kyle Zurak, Shawn Semple, Ricky Surum, and Janson Junk have updated their Twitter bios to say that they are in the Yankees organization.

Steven Sensley has also signed with the Yankees:

6/22: Matt Sauer has signed for $2.5 million. According to Baseball America, Austin Gardner, Chad Whitmer, Dalton Higgins, Aaron McGarity, Ron Marinaccio, Ryan Lidge, and Alex Mauricio have all signed.

6/24: The big news of the day is that the Yankees have signed Clarke Schmidt for $2,184,300, according to Jack Curry.

Jake Magnum's Twitter indicates that he won't sign with the Yankees. Tristan Beck will reportedly return to Stanford for another year.

7/1: Colby Davis announced that he will attend Arizona State University.

7/4: Shane Roberts will honor his commitment to South Carolina. Garrett Whitlock has signed with the Yankees.