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Yankees 2016 draft pick results tracker and social media guide

Keep track of the newest Yankees from the 2016 draft class.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 MLB Draft is over and now all that is left to do is wait to see which of the players the Yankees drafted will end up signing. The Yankees drafted 40 total players and the final tally comes to: 17 right-handed pitchers, six left-handed pitchers, ten outfielders, three catchers, two first basemen, one second baseman, and one third baseman. Evidently no love for shortstops this year. Last year, the Yankees drafted just seven high schoolers, but that number jumped up to 14 including first-round pick Blake Rutherford.

As we have done in past years, I've compiled a list of the Yankees' 2016 draft class. This includes a link to the research that Jason and Tanya did on each player (if you click their name), along with their Twitter handle if they have one. You can also find information about their signing statuses, as well as their eventual assignments in the organization. According to Bryan Hoch, the Yankees have $5,831,200 worth of bonus pool money to work with for the first 10 rounds. It typically takes a few days for players to start making their decisions, but we will be sure to update this post when that information becomes available.

Round Player School DOB Twitter Status Assignment
1 (18) Blake Rutherford Chaminade Prep HS 05/02/97 @BlakeRuth2 Signed GCL
2 (62) Nick Solak Louisville 01/11/95 @nicky_sols Signed Staten Island
3 (98) Nolan Martinez Culver City HS 06/30/98 @nolanmrtnz Signed GCL
4 (128) Nick Nelson Gulf Coast CC 12/05/95 @Pimpedit16 Signed Pulaski
5 (158) Dom Thompson-Williams South Carolina 04/21/95 @DTW42 Signed Staten Island
6 (188) Brooks Kriske USC 02/03/94 @TheRealBKriske Signed Staten Island
7 (218) Keith Skinner U North Florida 04/14/94 @keith6skinner Signed Staten Island
8 (248) Dalton Blaser Cal State Fullerton 01/31/94 @2Blaser2 Signed Staten Island
9 (278) Tim Lynch U Southern Mississippi 06/03/93 @TimLynch26 Signed Pulaski
10 (308) Trevor Lane U Illinois Chicago 04/26/94 @tmlane25 Signed Staten Island
11 (338) Connor Jones Georgia 11/17/94
Signed GCL
12 (368) Taylor Widener South Carolina 10/24/94 Signed Staten Island
13 (398) Brian Trieglaff Texas Christian U 06/13/94 @BTriegs14 Signed Staten Island
14 (428) Jordan Scott IMG Academy 05/23/97 @joey_hscott13 Signed GCL
15 (458) Tony Hernandez Monroe CC 08/08/96 @toonnyyhdz Signed GCL
16 (488) Zach Linginfelter Sevier County HS 04/10/97 @ZachLingo10 Won't sign N/A
17 (518) Mandy Alvarez Eastern Kentucky 07/14/94 Signed Staten Island
18 (548) Greg Weissert Fordham 02/04/95 @gweisspiece17 Signed Pulaski
19 (578) Evan Alexander Hebron HS 02/26/98 @Evan_c_a Signed GCL
20 (608) Miles Chambers Cal State Fullerton 10/22/93 @_MilesChambers Signed Pulaski
21 (638) Timmy Robinson USC 06/17/94 @timmyrobinson4 Signed Staten Island
22 (668) Blair Henley Arlington Heights HS 05/14/97 @blairhenley17 Won't sign
23 (698) Braden Bristo Louisiana Tech 11/01/94 @Bbristo5 Signed Pulaski
24 (728) Joe Burton Harford CC 12/18/95 @longhorn_99 Signed GCL
25 (758) Edel Luaces No school 05/14/94 Signed GCL
26 (788) Gage Burland Gonzaga 06/27/95 @gager44 Won't sign
27 (818) Phillip Diehl Louisiana Tech 07/16/94 @RealDiehl11 Signed Pulaski
28 (848) Will Jones Lander U 03/15/93 @thatjonesboy101 Signed Pulaski
29 (878) Bo Weiss Regis Jesuit HS 07/24/97 @BWEI22 Won't sign N/A
30 (908) Ben Ruta Wagner College 06/08/94 @benJAMINruta Signed Pulaski
31 (938) Miles Sandum Granite Hills HS 07/02/97 Won't sign
32 (968) Juan Cabrera North Canyon HS 04/19/97 Won't sign
33 (998) Bryson Bowman Western Carolina U 05/02/94 @BrysonBowman12 Won't sign N/A
34 (1028) D.C. Clawson Dana Hills HS 05/20/97 @ClawsonDa Won't sign N/A
35 (1058) Zack Hess Liberty Christian Academy 02/25/97 @Zack_Hess44 Won't sign N/A
36 (1088) Tyler Honahan SUNY Stony Brook 01/05/94 @TFHonahan Signed Pulaski
37 (1118) Corey Dempster USC 03/17/95 @Cdempster11 Won't sign
38 (1148) Sam Ferri Notre Dame College Prep 01/04/98 @Sam__Ferri Won't sign N/A
39 (1178) Brian Keller U Wisconsin Milwaukee 06/21/94 @bkell721 Signed GCL
40 (1208) Nate Brown Arrowhead Union HS 01/15/98 @nate_brown15 Won't sign N/A

Post-draft updates

6/11: It sounds as though Zach Linginfelter has every intention of attending the the University of Tennessee and waiting to see if his stock will rise in the future. Zack Hess also tweeted that he would be attending LSU, and Eric Longenhagen said that Bo Weiss would most likely attend UNC. It appears that Tim Lynch has agreed to terms with the Yankees.

6/12: Phillip Diehl has decided to sign with the Yankees. He agreed to $50,000, plus $20,000 for one year of school. Fourth-round pick Nick Nelson has also signed. Dalton Blaser, Jordan Scott, Will Jones and Ben Ruta have all updated their Twitter accounts to indicate that they are part of the Yankees organization. Nate Brown looks like he will stick with his plan to attend the University of Florida.

6/13: A couple more update from Chad Jennings' roundup: Brooks Kriske expects to work out a deal this weekend and Braden Bristo agreed to a $55,000 signing bonus. He expects to work as a reliever. Jonathan Mayo then updated a bunch of signing situations. Nick Nelson gets $350,000, Brooks Kriske gets $100,000, and senior signings Keith Skinner, Dalton Blaser, and Trevor all get $10,000 apiece. These moves saved the Yankees $755,000 in slot money, most of which will likely go toward signing Blake Rutherford and Nolan Martinez.

6/14: According to their personal accounts, Tyler Honahan, Tony Hernandez, and Joe Burton all signed. Jim Callis later reported that fifth rounder Dom Thompson-Williams signed for $250,000. So far, the Yankees have saved $1,000,600 in slot money from the fourth through tenth round draft picks. That figure plus the regular slot values for rounds one through three is $5,091,200, which should be enough to lock up Rutherford, Solak, and Martinez (and some others beyond the tenth round).

6/15: Josh Norris tweeted that Tony Hernandez received a $100,000 bonus, the maximum a team can give beyond the 10th round without it affecting its overall slot pool.

6/16: Joshua Weige of the Naperville Sun is reporting that second rounder Nick Solak will fly to New York and sign with the Yankees on Monday. Four more signings to report, too: Mandy Alvarez, Brian Keller, Gregg Weissert, and Edel Luaces, courtesy of Lex18.comGermantown Now, and Pinstriped Prospects for the last two. Solak and Alvarez both say that they will likely report to short-season ball in Staten Island.

6/17: The 2016 Staten Island Yankees roster has been released since they begin play tonight, and the 2016 draft picks included there at the moment are Timmy Robinson, Dalton Blaser, Keith Skinner, Brooks Kriske, and Mandy Alvarez. Robinson's signing had not yet been reported, but it is now on the tracker.

6/18: According to the Baseball America signing tracker, Taylor Widener and Miles Chambers have agreed to deals. It also appears that Evan Alexander has signed, as someone tweeted that he was headed to Tampa. (Alexander later confirmed it.)

6/20: Several players have been assigned to the Pulaski Yankees, who begin play later this week. They have been noted in the table above. It also appears that Connor Jones will sign, according to Pinstriped Prospects.

6/21: Jon Heyman reported that second rounder Nick Solak has officially signed for $950,000. The second round slot was worth $1,040,800, so they saved about $90,000 there.

6/22: Neither D.C. Clawson or Sam Ferri say they will sign; they will honor their college commitments. That's not terribly surprising for such late picks.

6/23: Third rounder Nolan Martinez has signed, according to the Yankees' official transactions page. Jonathan Mayo tweeted that it was a $1.15 million bonus, which was $541,800 over slot. They still have a little over $3 million in slot money to sign Blake Rutherford though. He will get the lion's share of that. Martinez, Scott, Hernandez, Alexander, Burton, Luaces, and Keller have all been assigned to the Gulf Coast League.

6/29: Today is the day! Top pick Blake Rutherford officially signed for $3,282,000, which is pretty much the maximum they could have given him with the pool money remaining. He is totally worth it. It sounds like the 19-year-old will first report to the GCL, but don't expect him to stay there for too long. He is super talented.

7/5: Brian Trieglaff announced on Twitter that he would sign with the Yankees. Linginfelter and Weiss have been tweaked to the "won't sign" category since with essentially, no bonus money remaining after Rutherford, they are definitely not going to sign unless something crazy happens.

7/15: The signing deadline passed and the Yankees ended up inking 28 of the 40 draft picks to contracts.