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MLB Draft Order: Yankees finish the season with 17th overall pick

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The Yankees have a pretty good draft pick next year

MLB: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 regular season is over, and even though the Yankees didn’t make the playoffs, there were still plenty of positives to come out of it. One such positive, which feels more like a consolation prize right now, is that the Yankees currently have the 17th overall pick in the 2017 MLB Draft.

1. Twins (59-103)
2. Reds (68-94)
3. Padres (68-94)
4. Rays (68-94)
5. Braves (68-93)
6. Athletics (69-93)
7. Diamondbacks (69-93)
8. Phillies (71-91)
9. Brewers (73-89)
10. Angels (74-88)
11. Rockies (75-87)
12. White Sox (78-84)
13. Pirates (78-83)
14. Marlins (79-82)
15. Royals (81-81)
16. Astros (84-78)
17. Yankees (84-78)
18. Mariners (86-76)
19. Cardinals (86-76)
20. Tigers (86-75)
21. Giants (87-75)
22. Mets (87-75)
23. Orioles (89-73)
24. Blue Jays (89-73)
25. Dodgers (91-71)
26. Red Sox (93-69)
27. Indians (94-67)
28. Nationals (95-67)
29. Rangers (95-67)
30. Cubs (103-58)

The Yankees finished with the same record as the Houston Astros, but they were given the lower draft pick because they finished with a worse record in 2015. For awhile there it felt like the Yankees had a chance at reaching the first 15 picks in the draft, but a hot streak after the deadline actually made them good and interesting to watch for once. It was a fair trade-off I’d say—17th overall is still a pretty nice reward for the first half of the season. Some standout picks in that spot including aces Roy Halladay (1995) and Cole Hamels (2002).

If you’re keeping track of it at home, that would be one spot lower than 2016’s 18th overall pick, and one higher than 2015’s 16th overall pick. Those picks provided the Yankees with Blake Rutherford and James Kaprielian, two top prospects who could play major roles in the near future. This year’s draft should help the organization bring even more young talent to an already teeming farm system.

Unfortunately, the Yankees have no way of adding more draft picks this year through draft compensation. Mark Teixeira is retiring and their only other pending free agent had been Carlos Beltran, but he was traded at the deadline. That means there will be no compensation picks this year. Too bad.

We know their pick now, but it’s still possible for it to change before the June draft. Depending on which teams ahead of them sign free agents with draft compensation attached to them, the Yankees could gain an even lower pick than they already have. The top 10 picks are protected, but between them and the Yankees are the Rockies, White Sox, Pirates, Marlins, Royals, and Astros. If any of them sign a free agent that has declined a qualifying offer, they will lose their first round pick and the Yankees will move up a slot.

We’re still a long way away from finding out who will be offered a qualifying offer, but this year is pretty barren when it comes to game-changing talent. The players who are most likely to be considered include Wilson Ramos, Edwin Encarnacion, Justin Turner, Neil Walker, Mark Trumbo, Jose Bautista, and Kenley Jansen. It’s hard to see many of those teams giving up a draft pick for most of these guys, but stranger things have happened in baseball.